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Outback Island! One of, if not the, smallest districts in all of Zootopia! Home to just about every and all things Australian related…Sure, Australia isn’t that big, but seriously! There could certainly be a much bigger district prepared for those creatures that tended to call the Australian outback home! Tiny as it may be, the island was still hustling and bustling with life. Mammals of all sorts would come and go all day…course at this time of night,  just about everyone was heading home to bed or getting ready to go out in the city…among those that should be heading home, were two canines, dressed in the signature blue uniforms of the Zootopia Police Department.

The two made their way down one of the district’s sidewalks, plastic grocery bags hanging from both their arms, the one canine, a golden furred wolf was leading, while his partner, a black backed jackal followed closely behind.

“Remind me again why we couldn’t take the cruiser to go shopping?”

“Cause I only use the cruiser when I’m on duty…plus I don’t like the idea of spilling anything in there…it’s ZPD property, so I’d rather not explain fishy smells or weird stains to the chief.”

“Oh please…you get to take the cruiser home with you! That basically makes it yours!” The jackal muttered. “Besides, we’re going back out for night patrol in a little while anyways! Why couldn’t we just keep using the car?”

“Basically, and actually aren’t the same thing. Besides, it’s nice to get out and stretch the legs after a long day behind the wheel.”

“Sure, a nice walk would be…nice…but not a grocery run man! If I knew you’d have me hauling your groceries, I’d have skipped out on your dinner offer…” The black backed jackal groaned as he adjusted the bags in his arms and paws. “I mean really dude…how much fish can one dog eat?”

“What? You don’t like fish?” Echo chuckled, shifting the weight of his own bags as his home came into view.

“Fish is fine, it was kinda a…delicacy or special occasion meal back home…” The jackal muttered, shrugging a bit as he carried several bags of his own. “But still! This is a MASSIVE amount of fish!”

“What can I say? I ran out of fish a couple days ago…” Echo muttered, reaching into his pocket before starting to fish out his house keys. “Plus, it’s not just for me, I got two roommates, remember? I gotta be able to feed them too. Not to mention you’re coming along for dinner tonight.” Echo smiled as he spun the keys on his finger before pulling up the key to his home.

“Still…I feel like you could feed the whole precinct with this much fish….”

“Yeah, well you’ve never met my sisters.” Echo chuckled, sliding his key into the door, turning the key and pushing the door open, glancing over his shoulder to the jackal behind him as he held a finger to his lips. “They might still be asleep…so be q-” Echo paused, feeling something drip on his head as he walked into the home. “The heck…?” The wolf muttered, reaching up and tapping his head. “Those two had better not have gotten in another foodfight…” He muttered under his breath, lowering his paw and flinching as he noticed his paw was now bright red.

“Everything cool man?” Miles’ voice caused the wolf to jump, looking back before showing him his hand. “Wh…uh…dude…what…is that…?” The younger canine’s eyes widened, his paw instinctively reaching towards his waist, hovering over his elephant tranquilizer pistol.

“I don’t…” Echo muttered, looking to his red hand before glancing up, just in time for another drop to land on his head, followed by a small brown ball of fluff. The wolf blinking as a pair of beady red eyes appeared in front of his.

“Hi there!” The small brown creature squeaked, flashing a pair of pearly white fangs to the wolf, staring into his sunglasses before yelping and hopping up as the wolf suddenly collapsed back. “OH MY GOSH!”

“Officer down!” Miles called out, mostly in a taunting tone as he leaned over the golden wolf, the contents of the bags he had once been carrying now spilled out around him. “You good Echo?”

The golden wolf meanwhile stayed completely silent, staring up at his ceiling with his jaw hanging open, staring at a bright red stain that “Echo!” A soft feline voice called out, Echo groaning softly as he felt a familiar ball of fluff land on his stomach and lean over him, two sky blue eyes staring into his. “Echo! Are you alright?”

“Fine….” Echo groaned, ignoring the burning sensation in his stomach. “Skye….please…off…” He shooed her slightly with his paw, sitting up slowly to see the blue eyed lynx giving him a look of worry, a small brown bat resting on her shoulder.

“Oh I knew this was a bad idea…” Skye muttered, glancing to the bat, the small winged creature giving her a hesitant shrug in response.

“Oh come on! It was a great idea!” Echo shifted, glancing past the blue eyed lynx, spotting a matching green eyed lynx sitting on the arm rest of the living room sofa, a bright grin plastered across her face as she held her phone up. “Mammals are gonna looooooooooove this!” She snickered as she winked to her brother. “Fearless wolf cop, taken down by a cute little fruit bat! Ha!” The feline snickered, leaning back before collapsing onto the couch, her little legs kicking wildly in the air.

“Great….” Echo muttered, rolling his eyes a bit before glancing back as he heard a hearty laugh.

“Dude, she got you gooooood…” Miles smirked, leaning over a bit before holding out a paw, Echo sighing before grabbing hold of the jackal’s paw, climbing up to his feet.

“She toooootally got him good!” The pair blinked, a new, unfamiliar voice catching their attention, Miles turning his heads and locking eyes with a small brown bat on his shoulder. The bat grinned, flashing a pair of long fangs at the jackal. “Hey there copper!” She snickered, ignoring the canine’s slowly widening eyes as she poked his throat lightly with her one finger, slowly parting his fur. “Hey, so don’t freak out, buuuuuuut…would you have anything against me maaaaaaybe…having a little sip of your blood…? I’ve never tasted cop blood before.” She looked up, grinning and flashing those white fangs again as she watched the color drain from the black backed jackal’s face, his eyes slowly rolling back before he collapsed to the ground.

“And we’re two for two! WOOT!” Mysty laughed, watching the second canine cop collapse to the ground much like the first. “Good job there Nyx!” The little green eyed lynx snickered, holding out her paw for the bat to land on.

“I aim to please!” The little vampire bat snickered, waving her wing as she looked to the cat’s phone. “Tell me you got that, pretty sure my boy had a waaaaaay better reaction!”

“Oh I got it!” Mysty snickered, lifting up her phone and offering it to the smaller bat, playing back the recording before the pair burst out into laughter.

“Ohhhh man…you totally gotta send that to me!”

“Already did.” Mysty snickered, pocketing her phone before getting mini high five from her little winged companion.

“Uhhhhhh…” Echo muttered, silently eyeing the two felines and their bat companions before clearing his throat. “Sooooo….guess we all brought a friend home today….” He chuckled, leaning over to try getting his partner up off the floor. “You girls gonna introduce me to your friends?”  

“Oh! Right!” Skye nodded, smiling as she motioned to her shoulder. “Echo, this here’s my friend Anti.”

The little bat smiled, waving her wing. “Full name’s Antigone, but everyone just calls me Anti.”

“Pleasure to meet you Anti…” Echo smiled, lightly smacking his partner’s cheek before feeling something on his shoulder.

“And my name’s Nyx! Vampire bat! Sweet partier! All around awesome girl!” She grinned widely, poking Echo’s throat slightly.

“Gonna ask if you can drink my blood too?”

“Weeeeeell if you’re offering….I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it…” The bat snickered, shifting her weight as she looked over the wolf’s shoulder, cocking her head as she looked at the jackal on the floor. “Is your friend okay?”

“He should be fine…Think he just had a little…panic attack from you getting all up close and…you know…the blood sucking comment probably didn’t help…”

“Hey, are you saying I’m scary? Or ugly? Or anything like that?” The bat huffed, crossing her wings. “I’ll have you know, I’m one of the hottest bats in the entire cave district!”

Echo couldn’t help chuckling at that, pulling his partner up off the floor before moving him over to the sofa, Mysty hopping off to make room for the canine. “I never said that…besides, aren’t vampires supposed to be beautiful?” That earned a snicker from the green eyed lynx while the bat cocked her head.

“Oooooo…I see why you like this one Skye kitty….” Nyx snickered, moving from Echo’s one shoulder to the other. “Handsome, and flattering…Mmmmmmm…” She traced a claw through his fur again. “I bet he taste’s reaaaaaal good….”

“Nyx….” The blue eyed lynx let out a soft growl, her stubby tail twitching slightly in annoyance as the bat waved her wing.

“Oh relax Skye…” The vampire bat huffed, patting the wolf’s neck. “I wouldn’t dream of making a move on this hunky puppy of yours…” She snickered softly, watching Skye squirm slightly in embarrassment before looking to the wolf. “But in all seriousness mister, you wouldn’t happen to have anything to drink? Getting in position for your sisters’ little prank was real thirsty work.”

“Sure thing Nyx.” Echo smiled, moving over to gather up the grocery bags. “Got a preference? I got a couple juices in the fridge…”

“Bleh…I’ll skip the juice…that’s more Anti’s taste.”

“Fruit is good for you!” The second bat chimed in, quickly hopping off of the blue eyed lynx’s shoulder before joining Nyx on the wolf.  

“Yeah, good for YOU. But I’m a vampire! I need blood! Or at the very least insects juice!”

“Well…I don’t believe we have any…uh….fresh blood on hand…” Echo muttered, carrying the groceries towards the kitchen. “I got some fresh fish though…maybe there’s some blood in them?”

“Yuck…fish blood…I think I’ll pass…” Nyx huffed, putting her claws to her chin in thought.

“Sorry bout that…” Echo muttered. “Maybe I could make a call? Order you some fresh bugs? Or…something…there any places that deliver blood bags?”

“Ha, well aren’t you a perfect gentlehound?” Nyx snickered as she looked to the wolf before shaking her head. “I’ll be alright bud, if nothing else, I can just wait and get something later when us and the kitties hit the town!” She cheered, pumping her fist into the air before giggling.

“Well if you’re sure…” Echo smiled as he made his way into the kitchen, stopping to look back to the lynx twins. “Girls, could you keep an eye on Miles for me? I’m gonna put the groceries away and get started on dinner.”

“Great, we’re stuck pup sitting? Can’t we call Allie up to do that for us?” Mysty groaned, motioning to the canine on the couch. “You haven’t even introduced us yet!”

“He’s my new partner. His name is Miles, and you can personally interview him as soon as he’s awake…now can I count on you girls?”

“You can count on us Echo!” Skye giggled, giving a quick salute before moving over to the sofa, Mysty plopping onto the canine’s stomach while Skye sat on the arm rest.

“Your sisters really love you…” Anti mumbled, smiling as she looked to the wolf.

“Eh…they have their…occasional moments of affection…” Echo chuckled, starting to put away all the groceries he and his partner had carried home. “Skye more so than Mysty…but I know how they both work…” He chuckled, glancing to the two bats perched on his shoulders. “So…tell me about yourselves…you girls are my sisters’ friends?”

“Sure are!” Anti giggled out a happy response. “We’re from the cave district…Nyx and I are cousins, and we just love going out clubbing…one night we bumped into these two crazy lynx girls partying on their own…”

“I TOTALLY almost made them wet themselves!” Nyx giggled as she cut in.

“Riiiiight….she has that kind effect when she does her whole: ‘Can I suck your blood’ joke as a hello…it gets REAL old after a while cuz…”

“Oh please, you’re just jealous that you’re a boring old fruit bat and I’m a super awesome vampire bat!”

“Right….cause feeding off nothing but blood is so convenient when compared to just eating fruit…”

“I can feed off bug guts too!”

“Same difference!” The fruit bat huffed, rolling her eyes before smiling to the wolf. “Anyways, we hit it off with your sisters, and we’ve been hanging out just about every night since…Course we usually stick to the Caves…and the Rainforest District sometimes…”

“Yeah…we apparently missed some sweet night of clubbing in Sahara Square!” Nyx grinned, patting the wolf’s neck. “Heard you went out partying with those two, figures it’d be one of the few nights we didn’t come with!”

“Yeah, Skye’s always going on and on about how amazing you are!”

“And Mysty keeps downplaying it…” Nyx gave a slight shrug before smirking. “Still, sounded like you had a great night at that club…any chance you’ll be coming out with us tonight big boy?”

“Heh…unfortunately no….” Echo muttered, starting to carve up a fresh fish for dinner. “Miles and I are going to be working the night shift for the foreseeable future…so…no clubbing…less sleep…I’m probably going to be seeing the girls even less than usual…” He sighed, shaking his head slightly. “Not really looking forward to it…”

“Ah dude, that bites!” Nyx huffed. “Not the night stuff, the night is AWESOME! Zootopia at night is the best thing ever.”

“To be fair, we don’t really know much about the city during the day…”

“Doesn’t matter! Zootopia nightlife is the best! Just ask the kitties!” She grinned, flashing her razor sharp fangs before pausing. “Course…I guess it might be a bit hard if you’re working the night…but I guess we know who to call if we have any trouble at any clubs…”

That earned a laugh from the wolf. “Well…as much as I’d love to be there for you girls…Miles and I are pretty much limited to this island…course you girls are more than welcome to party around here if you’d like.”

“Eh….we’ll see…this place doesn’t seem really….happening…y’know?” The vampire bat muttered again, her cousin nodding in agreement.

“Not really….course I really don’t…you know…go clubbing…” Echo chuckled as he shrugged. “So I really don’t know what’s good or bad…”

“Eh…it takes time…I’m sure your sisters will rub off on you soon enough.” Antigone smiled, patting the wolf’s neck slightly. “Did you tell them about you switching hours?”

“Not yet…” Echo sighed, putting some fish in a pan before starting to cook it up. “They are not gonna be happy though…”

Echo glanced back to the livingroom, half expecting to see the sisters to be listening in on his conversation…or to be fighting…or…well…any number of other things, but they seemed to be quite…odd…but the wolf wouldn’t complain.

“Hey…HEY!” Miles groaned, shifting slightly before groaning as he felt a small paw smack his face. “WAKE UP!”  The voice hissed, causing the jackal to jump slightly, looking around in confusion before locking eyes with a green eyed lynx sitting on his stomach. “Bout time you woke up….”

The canine blinked, staring in utter confusion before looking around a bit. “Uhhhh…what…where am I…?”

“You’re in our house stupid!” The cat growled smacking him again. “Come on, pay attention!”

“Mysty!” The jackal blinked, seeing a matching lynx a few inches away, her blue eyes just as fierce, though they were directed to the cat on his chest. “Come on, don’t make him mad!” The blue eyed lynx cleared her throat, smiling as she stepped forward. “You’re Officer Miles right?”

“Uhhhh…y….yeah….that’s me…” Miles nodded, giving the lynx on top of him a questioning look before speaking up. “Who…are you both exactly?” He stroked his head. “I…remember walking back to Echo’s place…then…” He shuddered. “That bat wanted to suck my blood.”

“Yeah…Nyx gets…vampirey when she hasn’t had anything for a while…” The green eyed lynx shrugged, the canine instinctively reaching for his neck, expecting to find some sort of bite marks...or incisions…or something…but to his relief there wasn’t anything to be found. “Chill rookie, she didn’t drink your blood…” The lynx snorted, rolling her eyes. “Nyx is real particular about drinking mammals’ blood…if they don’t give her permission she doesn’t do it…”

“Ah…that’s…good…Sooooo…” He motioned to the pair. “I….remember seeing you two when I came in…who…are you girls exactly?

“I’m Skye.” The blue eyed lynx smiled, patting her chest before motioning to the lynx on top of the jackal’s stomach. “And that’s my twin sister Mysty.” Mysty gave a slight eye roll, waving her paw slightly.

“Yeah…hi…” Miles muttered, looking to the two cats. “Sooo…are you…” He muttered, silently looking between the two cats. “Like…Echo’s friends…? Or something?”

Mysty snorted, rolling her eyes. “Or something…though Skye would looooove to be something more….” She teased, the blue eyed cat hissing softly before smiling. “Actually…Officer Miles…” She smiled. “We’re Echo’s sisters.”

That certainly got the officer’s attention, the jackal’s eyes widening and his jaw dropping as he looked to the two felines. “Yeah, that’s the general response…” Mysty muttered, pushing the jackal’s jaw shut before smirking. “Chill copper, we’re not some weird…hybrid family…our parents aren’t even canines or felines…we’re adopted…Echo can give you the details…We just…wanted to have a quick word with you…” Mysty smirked, extending her claws as she leaned forward, her eyes looking deep into the jackals. “See….Echo’s a good dog…stupid…boring…kinda lame…poor sense of fashion…”

“Mysty…” Skye grumbled again, her sister rolling her eyes.

“Right right…I’m getting off track…” She looked back to the canine and growled. “Anyways…Echo’s a lot of things…but he’s still our brother…so….” She placed a claw against Mile’s chin. “If anything….and I do mean ANYTHING bad happens to him while you two are out on…patrol…or whatever it is you two mutts are gonna be doing….” She pulled her claw away, slowly tracing it along her own throat, the jackal shivering slightly as Mysty leaned forward. “Understood?”

“Y…yeah…” Miles muttered, taking a deep breath before nodding. “I got it…” He gave the feline a serious look. “I promise…no matter what…I’ll do my best to keep your brother safe…”

“Thank you…” The blue eyed lynx muttered softly.

“You better…” Mysty muttered, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. “Knowing Echo, he’s bound to use himself as a mammal shield…throw you out of the way of a speeding car only to get hit himself…trade himself for a hostage…he’s probably chock full of dumb ideas…he doesn’t sleep enough…he works too hard….he’s sloppy…and he’s getting sloppier…” The green eyed lynx huffed. “He’s bound to get himself killed…intentionally or unintentionally…if you’re gonna be his partner…then it’s your job to make sure he doesn’t die…alright?”

“Alright…” The jackal replied flatly.

“Promise?” The two lynx spoke together, giving him a fierce look as the jackal nodded again.

“I promise…” He chuckled. “He gave me this…pep speech earlier…about how the ZPD’s a big family…” He smirked, noticing the two cats snicker from that. “Corny, I know…but he had a point…I don’t got anyone here in Zootopia…I got no plans to lose your brother anytime soon.”

“Thank you officer…” Skye smiled, placing a small paw on the Jackal’s while Mysty hopped off him. “We’re counting on you.”

“Don’t mention it…” Miles smiled, pushing up slightly off the bed before looking to Mysty, the feline playing on her phone. “And I….won’t mention that whole…death threat thing…to anyone either.”

“Good dog.” Mysty muttered, shooting the jackal a look before waving her phone to him. “Cause if you did try anything, you’d have this video of you fainting like a scared little puppy when Nyx came down to say hi to you…” She giggled, watching the jackal freeze up almost immediately.

“Dinner’s ready!” The trio looked over, watching as Echo came walking out of the kitchen, slowly wiping his paws with a rag while he wore a pink apron over his body. “Hope everyone’s hungry, I got lots of fish!” The two cats cheered, rushing by him into the kitchen while Echo smiled to his partner. “Also got some fruits and vegies if you’d prefer those Miles…Anti’s definitely  digging into some fruit.”

“Heh…I could go for some fish…” Miles muttered, walking in before elbowing his partner. “Nice apron dude.”

“Hey, I make this look good.” Echo chuckled, following the canine into the kitchen, four chairs set up, and a small makeshift table on the counter for the bat cousins. “Plus, I don’t want to have to change…we still gotta go back out for patrol.” The wolf muttered, pulling out his phone as he started looking through his contacts. “Hey…I gotta make a call…you guys start eating alright?” He moved back out into the living room, stepping outside before bringing the phone to his ear. “Hey….yeah…yeah it’s me…look…I need a favor….” He sighed, his ears lowering as he glanced back to the house.

About an hour later, after a difficult explanation that he’d be working the night shift and that meant he would be spending even LESS time with his twin sisters, Echo and Miles found themselves back on the streets of Outback Island, the two on foot patrol as they wandered the streets of the small district.

“Dude, you sure you’re okay? Those scratches look awful nasty…” Miles muttered, eyeing the cuts and bruises the dog had received when the sisters found out about his schedule change.

“I’m fine…” Echo chuckled, shrugging slightly. “Believe me…those two have given me far worse…” He sighed as he looked up to the sky. “Not that I really blame them…I’m not happy about this reassignment either…”

“Yeah…but hey, things seem pretty quiet…and you will probably get to spend some time with them…you know…making dinner and everything for them before they go out partying and we go out for patrol.”

“True enough…” Echo sighed, slowly rotating his limbs. “So…how was dinner?”

“Dude…it….was….amazing…” Miles smiled, elbowing his fellow officer quickly. “I wouldn’t say it’s as good as my mom’s cooking…since…y’know, she’s my mom…but you’re definitely the second best fish cook I’ve ever had….”

“Well I’ll take what I can get…no one beats mom’s cooking.” Echo laughed, the pair continuing along, Echo’s mismatched eyes scanning their surroundings while Miles moved forward a bit.

“What are we supposed to be looking out for again?”

“Anything suspicious…” Echo muttered, slowing in his steps.

“Greeeeeat….” Miles muttered, rolling his eyes as they kept walking. “It’s the middle of the night on Outback Island…anything’s suspicious…” He chuckled, expecting a laugh or response from Echo but he received none. “Meh…Whatever…what do you say we do a few laps around….then maybe grab the cruiser and crank up some tunes?” Still nothing… “Ooooor….we can get some coffee? We’ve been up all day, now we gotta be out here all night? I know I want some coffee! I’d rather not pass out in the middle of the street…” Silence…. “Hey, you giving me the silent treatment or some….” Miles turned, only to blink as he saw…well…nothing…the street behind him completely empty, no pedestrians, no cars, and no Officer Howl.

“Echo?” Miles called out, taking a moment to look around as he started retracing his steps. “Echo?” He called out again. “Hey, come on man! What is this? Some sorta prank for the new guy? First day doing night patrol and you gotta scare me? Not cool!” He kept looking around, slowly starting to reach for his holster. “Officer Howl!” He yelled out, ears perked for some response, anything at all, but he got nothing. “I don’t like this…” He whispered to himself, paw moving to pull out his tranquilizer while his mind attempted to make sense of where his partner had gone. Search the area? Find witnesses? Radio for help? Yeah...he should probably do the last one…Biting his lip, he called out one last time. “OFFICER HOWL!” He pulled the tranquilizer pistol from his waist and reached for his radio, only to let out a loud grunt as he felt something make contact with his back.

“Nghhhh…” The jackal stumbled forward, reaching back and pulling out a….a tranq dart?” He tried to turn, his body already shutting down as the tranquilizer ran through his system. His motions were getting sluggish and weak with every passing second...and it only got worse when he felt another dart hit his back. The black backed jackal let out a loud groan as he stumbled forward, collapsing to his knees and falling flat on his chest. He needed to radio for help, needed to call in that he’d been attacked, his partner too…probably…he needed…he….he….needed……….sleep…The jackal groaned, eyes shutting tight as he gave into the effect of the darts, slipping into a deep dark sleep.

“Nghhhh…my…head….” A soft voice groaned out in the darkness. Two mismatched eyes peering around before shutting tight as a dim light appeared above them. The dim light revealing a golden furred wolf, sitting alone in a simple wooden chair. The wolf moved, trying to raise a paw to stroke his head, trying to remember what happened...only to have the paw jerk back, he looked over his shoulder, the his wrists bound together with zip ties…his ankles too… “What the…”

“Officer Howl…” A soft voice rang out from the darkness, the canine moving his mismatched eyes over to a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the darkness. “Pleasure to meet you…” The eyes gave a slight nod before a white wicked smile appeared below them. “We brought you here tonight because…well…” The voice laughed softly. “We….have some…fun little plans for you…” The wolf shifted slightly in his chair, tugging at his binds while giving the figure a skeptical look. “I hope you enjoy your stay officer…we certainly are going to be enjoying having you around…”
Life in Zootopia: Echo part 9
Dun dun duuuuuun....dun...

And THIS...marks the end of Echo's story :noes: possibly permanently...maybe... :noes: what happened to Echo? Is he okay? What's gonna happen to Miles? Or has already happened? What will Skye and Mysty do without their big puppy brother? Who knows? :noes:

Anyways...I'm tired...sooooo...night night!
Another beautiful day in Zootopia, sun shining, cooling cross breeze, the occasional shade bearing cloud, the type of day where just about every mammal in every district would be out and about, enjoying the fresh air and warm weather…except maybe those in Tundra Town, where there may or may not be a scheduled snow storm blowing through the district…but let’s not focus on them for now! Instead, let’s focus on one of the warmer districts, Outback Island.

Like the rest of Zootopia (save for one district) many of Outback Island’s residents were out and about, enjoying the beautiful day on their small Australian themed district. Children were out playing with their friends, other mammals were laying back and enjoying some warm sunbathing, others meanwhile were just going out for long walks alone or with friends. This was probably the perfect type of weather for a nice long walk…and normally, a certain gold furred wolf would be doing just that, out enjoying that warm weather as he walked the streets of the district…today however, the canine found himself sitting behind the wheel of a police cruiser, slowly….well…cruising, along the roads of the warm district.

Echo let out a long sigh, glancing out his driver’s side window as he sat at a stoplight, silently drumming his fingers along the wheel as he watched all the lucky mammals wander the district…he wanted to be out there, stretching his legs, enjoying the warm sun and cool breeze against his fur as he did foot patrol…instead, he was cooped up in his cruiser, doing his patrol from behind the driver seat while his passenger talked his ear off.

“And then, like, right after they get done tazing me, they pepper sprayed me! They didn’t even peel me off the floor! They just bent over and sprayed me right in the eyes! I mean really! Is that a thing?” The black backed jackal in the passenger seat groaned loudly as he brought one paw up to his eyes and the other up to stroke his back. “It was HELL man!”

“Gotta be prepared for anything…” Echo muttered, his usual trademark smile now a little more than a slight smirk.

“I know, but really?! When in the world am I gonna get tazed to the ground, and immediately after get pepper sprayed?” The jackal held out his paw, shaking it slightly for emphasis.

“Hopefully never…” Echo’s mismatched eyes glanced up as the light changed, slowly easing on the gas as he rolled through the intersection and continued on his way through the streets. The golden wolf normally worked solo…both due to the district having a slight shortage on police officers and also because he seemed comfortable working alone…but today Echo had been paired up with a new recruit, Officer Miles, a black backed jackal who had recently graduated from the ZPD academy before immediately being assigned to Outback Island’s precinct. It was Echo’s job to show the newcomer around, get him familiar with the district, the routes he’d follow, who to talk to and when should they ever be called to a business that needed their presence or assistance.

Echo didn’t really mind the company, the jackal was very nice, even reminded him of himself in quite a few ways: eager to work, easy to talk too, always smiling…and full of painful memories from his time at the academy….Normally the wolf would be smiling and laughing along with him, today however, the wolf was far too tired…He had gotten even less sleep than usual the night before, what with his lynx roommates dragging him out of the house immediately after he got home from work, getting him to drive them to yet another Zootopia club…where was it again? Not the Caves…probably the Rainforest district….the entire night was a massive blur….they tried dragging him inside to party with them, but he managed to convince them to go in without him…much to his relief…Today he hoped for something calm and easy…go in, get assigned foot patrol, and enjoy the beautiful weather on this nice day…but nope…here he was, cooped up in his cruiser with one of the new recruits…

“…Boss….Boss? BOSS!” Echo jumped slightly, looking to his side and seeing the jackal cock his head. “Everything alright there boss?”

“Uh…y…yeah…sorry…my mind’s just….” He sighed, stroking the bags under his eyes. “I’m just kinda spacing out is all…”

“Ahhhhh…so I’m boring you then?” Echo looked over, noticing the jackal rub his head in embarrassment. “Sorry…my family always says I talk way too much.” He chuckled softly, his ears lowering slightly. “I’ll shut up boss.”

“Wh…no!” Echo chuckled, reaching over to pat the jackal’s shoulder. “Miles, I’m fine…just tired…I…skipped my morning coffee…and wish we could be out there y’know?” He motioned to the surrounding area. “It’s a beautiful day, we could be out enjoying the sun and the fresh air…and we’re stuck in the cruiser…”

“All because you have to show me around…” The jackal chuckled softly. “Sorry you got paired up with me boss.”

Echo sighed, stroking the bags under his eyes again before looking to the jackal. “Alright…one, it’s not your fault Miles, so stop blaming yourself…and two don’t call me boss…”

“But…you’re my superior...that’s why I was assigned under you.”

“We’re both officers, I’ve just been here longer…Pretty sure the actual superiors took the day off…” Echo chuckled. “And seriously…just call me Echo…save the boss stuff for the chief.”

“Shouldn’t I call you Officer Howl?”

“Eh…” Echo gave a slight shrug. “If you want…but that’s a bit formal…” He chuckled. “Besides…makes me think you’re talking about my Uncle…or cousin…or Grandfather….They’re all Officer Howls.”

“Wow…is everyone in your family a cop?” The jackal chuckled as he leaned back in his seat, earning a soft smile from the wolf.

“Heh…no...Just them and myself…” He smiled as he looked to his fellow canine officer. “They’re not from Zootopia…my cousin does patrol in another city…his dad and our grandfather are retired, but they both served as police chiefs back in the day…”

“Wow…heh…your cousin gonna be chief next?”

“Maybe.” Echo chuckled, giving a slight shrug. “Not sure if he’d really care for it though, he’s the kinda guy that likes doing stuff…”

“I feel ya…” Miles chuckled as he looked around the district a bit. “So, anyone else I should know about that’s a cop? Any other siblings, or cousins, or…other extended family members?”

“Heh, nah…that’s about it, I’m the only one from my group of siblings to become a cop…my one older sister went to the police academy for a while…but she decided it wasn’t really her after a while…used what she learned to get a chemical forensic job so that’s cool….and my one brother…” Echo trailed off a bit, biting his lip before sighing. “I don’t know what happened with him…he was so eager to become a cop…then just one day…poof, he dropped it…moved away…” Echo sighed as he shook his head. “I haven’t seen nor spoken to him since…”

“Huh…” The jackal muttered, looking to the wolf and deciding to pry a bit more. “Diiiiid…something happen? Anything police related? Bad experience? See something he didn’t like?”

“Not that I know of…” Echo muttered, shrugging his shoulders. “I mean…something…did happen…but it had nothing to do with police or…really anything at all…”

“What happened?”

Echo sighed softly before muttering. “An accident…” He shook his head a bit, the jackal considering prying further but deciding against it…not wanting to overstep his boundaries. “Anyways…why’d you become a cop?” Echo smiled, looking to change the subject.

“Heh…so you really weren’t listening to me before?” The jackal smirked, earning a nervous chuckle from the wolf. “It’s cool B…Echo. Just means that I get to share all my awesome stories with you all over again!”

“Hey, I’ve some pretty neat stories of my own there bud…”

“Oh? Like what?” The jackal smirked crossing his arms. “I doubt any’ll beat my pepper spray tazer combo story.”

“Heh…that one might be hard…but I think I can beat you…growing up with eleven siblings means there’s plenty of room for crazy stories…” Echo chuckled as he looked forward. “But let’s save it til after I finish giving you the tour…maybe we can talk during our lunch break.” Echo glanced to the dashboard and smiled. “Speaking of which…it is almost time for lunch…you got a preference?

“Eh…what’s good?” The jackal gave a slight shrug as he put his paws behind his head.

“Everything’s good man, just gotta know where to go, when to go there, and who to talk too…” Echo chuckled, glancing around. “It all comes with the territory…get to know the places and the employees…So c’mon man, your first day on the job, my treat, name the place and we’ll hit it up…” He glanced to the jackal and smiled. “There’s a Bug Burga not too far off from here….there’s the farmer’s market if you want a salad or some fruit…this awesome pizzeria…Chinese if you want take out….there’s this Mexican place that makes AMAZING bug and fish tacos…”

“Uhhhhhh….” Miles chuckled, thinking about the many options the wolf had given him before giving a quick shrug. “I’m….really not that picky man…can’t go wrong with Bug Burga right? Wanna just do that?”

“Works for me.” Echo chuckled, turning down a side street before heading towards the nearest bug themed restaurant.

A few short minutes of driving later, and the two canine cops had their meal, sitting and chatting at one of the outdoor tables set outside the Bug Burga. Echo sitting with his bag of cricket chips, a side of apple slices and a fresh coffee, his jackal partner meanwhile had a bowl of fried beetles, some millipede sticks, and an energy drink. “Dude I’m serious, that was CREEPY.” The Jackal muttered as he went in for a long drink of his soda

“What?” The gold wolf muttered, giving his partner a quizzical look while popping a few chips in his mouth.

“What do you mean what? You didn’t even order anything! You walked in, said hi, they took your card, and handed you your food!”

“Ahhhhh….” The wolf chuckled a little nervously, a slight blush appearing beneath his fur as he shrugged. “I’m a regular at this place; my order never changes, so the managers and most of the workers know exactly what I want…it is kinda weird…but I’ve gotten used to it.”

“Still seems kinda…I dunno…creepy…why not mix it up a bit? Go to other restaurants?” The jackal muttered as he bit into one of his millipede sticks.

“Eh…I’m a creature of habit…I know what I like, mammals know what I want, I don’t see any real need to mix things up…” The wolf shrugged again as he crumpled up his now empty bag of chips and moved onto his apple slices. “Plus, Outback Island isn’t exactly the biggest district in Zootopia…there’s only so many places to go. Even if I mixed it up, if you spend enough time you’ll get familiar with everyone…”

“Fair enough…” The jackal muttered, putting another millipede stick in his mouth. “So…why’d you become a cop? I mean…aside from the whole, runs in the family, deal?”

“I just like helping people…” Echo replied with a soft smile, his eyes shifting slightly under his sunglasses before he cleared his throat. “My Grandpa, and Uncle were amazing cops when I was growing up…they’re the nicest guys you could ever meet… always there if you needed them, always helping out, and they throw the BEST parties at their houses….” Echo chuckled, tapping the table slightly before smiling warmly. “They did so much good…so…I really couldn’t think of anything else to do…I guess I could’ve maybe become a firefighter….or maybe a paramedic…but…I dunno…I feel like I do more good when I’m out patrolling the streets.”

“Fair answer….” The other canine finished his sticks and took a long drink of his soda. “But why here? You said it yourself, Outback Island isn’t that impressive…Wouldn’t you rather be working one of the other districts?”

“I suppose…” Echo gave a slight shrug. “Though I wasn’t assigned here right off the bat…I was assigned to the Meadowlands when I first graduated from the academy.”

“Ohhhhhhh, that’s right!” The jackal laughed as he pointed to his partner. “I heard rumors about that! Wolf cop in sheep valley central! That was you? Oh dude, that must have been rough!”

“It really wasn’t…” Echo shrugged slightly. “The mammals there were very nice…there…was the occasional ram bar fight I got called in to break up…but other than that, things there were more or less the same as they are here.”

“I dunno man…” The jackal muttered. “Heard some sketchy stuff was going on around there…that they didn’t like you and requested your reassignment…” That got a look of shock and confusion from the wolf. “Then there was some sort of rumor about a wolf in sheep’s clothing incident…” The Jackal smirked. “You mess around with some ram’s daughter? That why you got transferred?”

Aaaaaand, that look of confusion immediately turned to one of utter embarrassment, Echo’s eyes widening as his jaw dropped. “Wh…WHAT?! I…NO! Never!”

“Ha! I’m not judging bro! I’m sure there’s some cute prey girls, who wouldn’t wanna hook up with a cute little sheep? Or maybe a goat or…whatever else lives in that district…”

“I didn’t!” Echo almost squeaked before clearing his throat. “I just…I….” He shrugged. “I don’t know alright? I worked the Meadowlands for a while, then got a transfer notice saying I was being moved to Outback Island…it was a shock…they didn’t tell me why…I just assumed it was because they were short on staff…that always seems to be the case down here…” He muttered into his coffee, taking a long drink and a deep breath before nodding again. “I don’t mind it here though…place is nice…and my folks own a home nearby, so I drop by and check in on them every once in a while…

“Oh seriously?” The jackal chuckled. “Dude that’s awesome…guess you can’t throw any crazy wild parties though with your folks so close huh?”

Echo couldn’t help chuckling, giving a slight eye roll before nodding. “Yeah…but in all seriousness, it’s nice. I’m close by if they ever need anything, and most of my siblings come by to see them fairly often too…so even though they’re all over Zootoia I still get to see them when they pop by.”

“Gonna introduce me to your folks?” Miles smiled softly as he leaned forward a bit.

“Why, are we dating? Wanna meet my folks and get their opinion of you?” Echo chuckled, the jackal blinking before laughing.

“And I thought I was the funny one!”

“Heh…in all seriousness though, I’m sure you’ll get a chance to meet them…just not any time soon.” He gave a slight shrug. “They’re out of town…left Zootopia with my brother Allen…not sure when they’ll be back, so I’m stuck house sitting til then, gotta water my mom’s garden…pretty sure she’s more protective of her little plant babies more than she is the rest of us.”

“Harsh man…but hey! If your folks aren’t in town, we could totally throw party!”

“You sure you’re a cop Miles?” Echo chuckled as he gathered up his trash, finishing off his coffee before tossing it all out. “You sound more like some crazy high schooler playing cop.”

“Hey, that’s kinda harsh don’t you think?” His partner chuckled as he climbed out of his seat and tossed out his own trash. “I can be serious, but come on, this is bro time! I can’t joke around with my senior officer?”

“Heh…whatever…come on rookie, we gotta get back to patrol…” Echo smiled, climbing into their cruiser before looking to the jackal. “Plus, now that I’m done sharing my life story, I think it’s your turn to do a little sharing….”

“Hey, I did plenty of sharing before.” The jackal officer chuckled as he climbed into the passenger seat. “Not my fault you didn’t bother listening to me the first time around man.”

“I said I was sorry! I even bought you lunch to make it up to you!” Echo chuckled, starting up the cruiser as he looked to his partner. “Seriously though…I am sorry man…anything you wanna share, I’m all ears.”

“Yeah…well you better. It’s not cool trying to tell someone something and have them totally ignore you…” Miles chuckled, shrugging a bit as he looked out the window. “Course…you’re still probably a better listener than most other mammals I know…”

“Well that’s definitely surprising…” Echo muttered before chuckling. “So come on man, I told you a bit about my family…let’s hear about yours...that or why you decided to become a cop.”

“Not much to say…” The jackal sighed, shrugging slightly. “I…had a kinda rough childhood…grew up in a neighborhood that didn’t really care for jackals…” He chuckled. “Sucked…but…it was interesting hearing all the junk some mammals came up with to hate you over…crap about being wizards or sorcerers…being called cowards and scavengers…”

“Every mammal’s got their stereotypes…” Echo sighed, glancing over to the jackal and getting another shrug from him.

“Oh I know, man. Lions are the kings and queens of the jungle, natural born leaders and pompous assholes. Tigers are big and tough, beautiful to look at but turn your back and they’ll strike you down in a second. Foxes are sneaky, cunning, conniving, monsters who can never be trusted. Bears are big, cute and cuddly, love honey, and will rip you to shreds if you ever piss them off…” The jackal shrugged as he sat back.

“Got anything for a wolf?” Echo chuckled as he gave his fellow officer a sideways glance.

“Eh…you wolves are kinda…iffy….” The jackal waved his paw a bit. “You got some stories where you guys are heroes, leading mammals to safety or keeping or protecting them in exchange for…things…then you got stories like the Three Little Pigs…and Little Red Riding Hood…do…wolf parents tell their kids those stories? I mean…I bet there’s probably prey parents that tell it…but did your parents?”

“I’ve heard the story…” Echo chuckled, rolling his eyes slightly. “Who hasn’t…my folks kinda glossed over those ones…thinking back, they maaaaaay have changed the species around a bit…but I really don’t remember…you’d have to ask one of my younger siblings…they probably remember it more…”

“Heh…weird…” The jackal gave a slight shrug before continuing. “Like I was saying though, everyone’s got their stereotypes and roles to play…some get good ones, and some get shitty ones…that’s just life…” For a few moments, Mile’s cheerful expression seemed to disappear, only for a light smirk to appear followed by a soft chuckle. “That reminds me…you ever hear that story? The one…where…” He groaned rubbing his head. “I forget how it went…but, basically, there’s the whole thing where the devil gets married to a jackal? Or has a kid with one?” Miles couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing at the idea. “That one was especially popular when I was growing up….” He sighed, rolling his eyes a bit. “Made it awful hard to go to church…my mom really hated that…”

"Your mom?”

“Yup…sweetest jackal you ever met….single parent…wanted to raise her pups to be kind upstanding creatures…though most of my siblings were…Eh…how do I say this….” He slowly rolled his wrist before chuckling. “Let’s just say they weren’t really as….eager….to go with mom’s wishes…got into trouble…did their own thing…I’m honestly the black sheep of my family…little goody two shoes Miley…runt of the litter, mama’s boy…” He sighed and gave another shrug. “My siblings have some…strong words for my choice of profession…but I don’t care…”

“Your siblings are against you being a cop?”

“They’re against cops in general…” Miles muttered. “Even mom wasn’t…exactly thrilled with my job choice….but…she definitely prefers it to the alternative…” He sighed, closing his eyes, feeling a paw on his shoulder as he nodded silently. “Anyways…I left home….moved to Zootopia, ‘Where anyone can be anything….’ Heh…” The jackal let out a slight snort before shrugging. “Felt weird leaving…mom was sad to see me go…she wanted me to stay…get a job there…even try being a cop there if I was so determined…but I couldn’t do it…” He sighed. “Went straight to the academy…didn’t get in right away…kinda hard when you’re subpar at nearly everything they’re looking for in an officer…but after a while I got in…suffered through training…eventually graduated…and…here I am…stationed in scenic Nowhere Outback Island…”

“Hey don’t knock the Outback…” Echo muttered, giving his partner a slight smack before nodding.

“I’m just playing ya man…” Miles smiled again, nodding as he looked to his partner. “The place is tiny…but I like it here. Small…comfy...”

“That’a boy…” Echo nodded again, smiling before looking to him. “So…got any family around the city?”

“Nope…” Miles replied flatly, shrugging slightly. “Only family I know is my mom and my siblings…though mom’s the only real family I got…” He let out another soft sigh. “I miss her…can’t quite leave to go visit her…and she can’t exactly come visit me…I try to keep in touch with texts and emails and…phone calls but…other than that…”

Echo shifted slightly, glancing to his partner before smiling as he put a paw on his shoulder. “Hey…I’m sure things’ll work out…maybe between the two of you, you can save up enough for her to visit…or…something….”  The gold wolf smiled, earning a soft, ‘maybe’ from his friend before frowning. “And hey…you do have family in the city…” That certainly gained the jackal’s attention, looking over and raising an eyebrow as the wolf smiled. “The ZPD’s your family now…everyone down at the precinct…we’re a family, we look out for each other, watch each other’s backs…doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from…we’re all in this together…” Echo flashed his fellow officer a toothy smile, earning a slight grin from the jackal before he snorted.

“Dude…that was so corny…” Miles snickered, trying hard not to break out into a full burst of laughter.

“Yeah…well…it’s the truth…” Echo muttered, chuckling along with him. “But in all seriousness man…if you need family, you just gotta know where to look…everyone needs friends…as soon as my folks get back I’m introducing you to them, they LOVE all my cop buds....and my mom makes some serious sweets for the force…”

“Ooooooo…well I can’t wait to meet them then…” The jackal chuckled before nodding. “It would be cool I suppose.”

“You mean you know.” Echo smirked, elbowing his partner before nodding. “But seeing as they’re not around, why don’t you come by my place tonight? We can get you started on meeting the family by introducing you to my little sisters.”

“Trying to set me up on a date man?” Miles smirked as he looked to the wolf. “All this family talk…trying to marry me in and make it official?”

“Pffft…don’t flatter yourself man…” Echo smiled. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’d probably make a great brother in law…but I don’t think you’re quite their type…”

“Oh we’ll see about that….” The black backed jackal snickered devilishly, earning an eye roll from his partner.

“Whatever man…but I’m serious, you’re more than welcome to come over for dinner…I just gotta pick up some fresh fish from the market…otherwise the twins’ll kill me…”

“Oooooo twins? Double the babes, double the fun!”

“Alright Romeo, that’s enough, save it for tonight…” Echo muttered, chuckling softly as they continued on with their patrol.
Life in Zootopia: Echo part 8
Aaaaaand back to Zootopia! :noes: and more specifically, back to Officer Echo Howl! Today (or Tonight...or whenever) we find Officer Howl doing some patrol in his cruiser, with his new partner, Officer Miles, a Black Backed Jackal who recently graduated from the ZPD academy before being assigned to Outback Island...not sure if Miles and Echo will be permanent partners...or if they'll be partnered up from time to time...but either way, we get some info on the two canine coppers as they talk about themselves and get to know each other.
The Canyonlands! Zootopia’s…well…canyon themed district, if you could even call it that…the ‘district’ wasn’t exactly its own biome, and was closer to being a specialized extension of Sahara Square…still, it wasn’t a bad place by any means. The scenery was unique, the stone was often times cool to the touch, homes and businesses were either carved into the stone canyon walls, or were specially designed to look like they were almost naturally occurring…course, there was one downside in the fact that nights could be long and occasionally painful if you lived close enough to coyote canyon…some mammals just couldn’t fight their natural instincts.

Among the many businesses that lined the walls of the canyon district, one seemed to stick out, a small storefront with the name: “Sandstorm Security” printed over the entrance. A bright red ‘CLOSED’ sign hung in front of the glass door, with a second sign hanging beneath it with the words: “KNOCK AND DIE!” plastered across it. An hours and days of operation sign was stuck in the window, but each day’s time table was left blank.

The interior of the business was almost pitch black in the darkness, the early morning sunlight not really doing a good job at illuminating the business. A few comfortable seats were scattered around the entrance, sitting room, a few magazines, and a front desk with no mammal currently manning it. A small address book sat on the desk; a small calendar off to the side with a few dates circled and crossed out. While the room was almost completely dark, the room echoed with the loud, slightly muffled, sound of some mammal snoring off in another room. The snoring coming from behind a large door marked ‘Employees Only’ behind the main desk…behind that door, one would find a long hallway going deeper into the canyon wall, several other doors marked with letters, A C and E on the left side, while B ∆ and Γ sat on the right side. Several other doors followed the hall, though they were left unmarked. At the very end of the hall stood one last door, a large plaque with the word BOSS centered in the middle of it, and seemed to be hiding the source of the snoring. Behind that door sat a very small conference room…a large comfy chair, a strong desk that had a plaque with the name ‘Gypsy’ carved into it…and, behind the chair, under a small throw rug, sat a small trapdoor. This door however was much, MUCH sturdier than any of the rest, decorated with all forms of locks, chains, latches…the owner obviously did NOT want any uninvited guests getting by it. If one did manage to get through the trapdoor though, one would finally find the source of the snoring.

Collapsed back on a small yet comfortable looking couch, was a dark brown canine, her mouth hanging open as her loud snoring filled the small room. Her arms and legs hanging off the edges, a thin throw blanket was pulled over her body, wrapped wildly around her. Her sleep attire consisted of little more than a cut off t-shirt and a pair of baggy shorts…or maybe they were boxers…didn’t really matter. The room itself was…not quite messy, but not entirely clean either, clothes and belongings were strewn about, but there seemed to be some form method to the madness. One pile of clothes seemed dirty and was shoved into one corner (there was even a discarded cigarette packet with the pile) while another pile seemed to be…at least semi clean and was sitting in another corner, her kitchen table was covered in all sorts of food and snacks; her sink was split into a dirty dish side and a clean and drying side, her fridge was filled with various sodas, energy drinks, and the occasional alcoholic drink, along with all sorts of fruits and vegetables…two of the drawers were actually full of tomatoes and smaller cherry tomatoes.

The brown dhole shifted slightly on her couch, several empty cans, bottles, and even a few loose cherry tomatoes dotted the nearby coffee table. She stayed on her couch, continuing to snore loudly, occasionally muttering out something or another…something about stupid blue…princess…kicking goggle’s ass…and a few other likely insults which were probably meant for mammals she knew, before finally jumping as she felt a harsh buzzing sensation against her side.

“Nghhhhh…” The dhole groaned, rolling slightly and shoving her paw into the cushions of her sofa, digging around a bit before managing to fish out a cellphone, the screen lit up with a large letter A. After a few moments, the dhole groaned, rolling her eyes before answering her phone. “Yeah?” She sighed, pushing herself up into a sitting position while rubbing her eyes slightly. “Yeah…yeah I just got up…” She yawned, climbing up off the couch and hitting the lights on her subterranean apartment. “Mmmmm…let me check…” She muttered, stroking her belly slightly as she shuffled through the now painfully bright lit room, eyeing a calendar that hung on her fridge. “Mmmmm…nah…we don’t have anything scheduled today…Uh huh….yeah…I’ll probably head out in a bit and just...I dunno…wander the city…hang up signs…stuff like that…yeah…yeah….you’ll be working the front desk like usual….yeah…we can send the kids out to hand out flyers…we’re not gonna take a job tonight though…unless we get some real good offer….yep…yeah…we gotta get some more jobs on the calendar…”

The dhole placed her phone against her shoulder as she moved to one of her cupboards, pulling out a small bowl before heading for her fridge. She quickly pulled the large door open, scooping out a large amount of cherry tomatoes before grabbing a water bottle and heading back to her couch. “Yup…yeah…we’ll work usual hours today…I want you to take the girls to the gym after work though…because, I’m probably gonna hit the place up on my own…I’ve got a serious urge to punch something after last night…” The dhole chuckled as she plopped onto the sofa and started popping a few of her small red treats in her mouth. “Mmmmmm…wh…no! No! That had nothing to do with it…if it did, I would’ve punched then…uh huh…Hey, who’s the boss here?” She let out a muffled growl, her mouth full of ground up tomatoes and their juices. She swallowed it all down, wiping some stray juice from her chin and onto her shirt.

“Yeah yeah…you can open up whenever you want…I might be a little while…nooooo I don’t have a hangover…hey if you want me up there right now, I’ll gladly come up, but me showing up in my night clothes might not give off the best first impression to prospective clients……yeah…” She looked over herself and gave a slight shrug. “Ehhhhh…I’m gonna say semi….uh huh….heh…relax, I’m having my breakfast now…” She popped a couple more of the small fruits in her mouth before shrugging again. “Just gotta finish up, get dressed, and do a few things around my place…yup…okay…sounds good…” She went to pull her phone away before quickly lifting it to her ear. “Hey! Make sure everyone checks in, I don’t want E and G slacking off again……I don’t care if G isn’t the right letter…hey, I let you put the symbol on the doors…It looks better that way! You can’t go A, B,…whatever Gamma’s  symbol is supposed to be, then  a triangle, and then E! That looks stupid!” She fished out the last of her fruit, shoving them in her mouth before grunting. “Mmmmph…yuh…well…they’re stupid…” She swallowed hard, grabbing her water bottle before starting to chug the cool drink down. “Mmmmmph…We should’ve just gone with A, B, C, D, E, and F…I don’t care if there’s no Greek letter that starts with F or C…whatever….” She shifted slightly, her ears twitching before nodding. “You’re here? Alright…get everything set up, I’ll be there shortly…yeah…everyone else should be here before I go…if not you’re doubling their workout tonight…hey, if they don’t call in, and more importantly, I don’t approve…then I don’t care what their reason is for not showing up…Uh huh….” Her ears twitched again, glancing to her ceiling before nodding. “Yup…I hear ya…yeah yeah, I’m coming…alright…see ya in a bit…”

The dhole lowered her phone, hanging up before stretching her arms out over her head. “Mmmmmmmm….” She arched her back, letting out a loud yawn, sniffing under her arms before flinching. “Yech…smells like I spent the night in bed with T….” She muttered to herself, climbing to her feet before grabbing her now empty bowl, placing her water bottle and all the other discarded cans and bottles from her coffee table before heading to her kitchen and dropping them all in the sink. “Dishes done…” She muttered to herself, filling each item with water before walking towards her bathroom, stopping momentarily to fish some clothes out of the semi clean pile before she disappeared into her bathroom, the previous night’s sleep clothes coming out moments later and flying towards the dirty corner while the owner went to take a nice cool shower….it wasn’t exactly a fun way to wake up, but the Canyonlands was a real hot place…so it was better to start cold and get hot than to start hot and get…well…hotter…

After a few icy cold moments, the canine emerged from her bathroom, a towel around her neck as she rubbed the soft fabric through her fur to try drying herself off a bit. She now wore a pitch black sports bra, and a pair of matching black boxers. The dhole reached to her ceiling, stretching her arms out before giving her fur a quick shake. “Mmmmmmmm…” She muttered softly, walking back to her kitchen and grabbing a small watering can that sat on her counter, slowly filling it up with water as she stared off to her side, eyeing a large map of Zootopia that hung on her one wall.

Small photos hung around the outside of the map, each picture had at least one mammal in view, and each one had had a thin string pointing towards various area of Zootopia. One photo depicted a golden wolf dressed in the typical ZPD police uniform, smiling happily as he held a lynx in each arm. Their photo was pointed towards Outback Island, though there was a second smaller string pointed towards the cave district. Another photo was of a snow white wolf wearing ski goggles, the canine’s photo directed towards a neighborhood of Tundra Town, but he wasn’t alone, a photo of a gray coyote sat beside him, pointing to the same spot, and a third photo of a smoking bobcat also pointed towards Tundra Town, but in a different neighborhood. Every other photo was placed in a similar manner, different mammals, different districts, though each photo also had a small amount of information included: addresses, phone numbers, where they were employed, mammals that knew them…anything and everything necessary to find or track the mammals in question…

The dhole continued to stare at the map…everyone had their lines…some had been recently moved...but four photos had been removed and were pinned off to the side…no lines…no directions…no way of knowing where they had gone, where they were going, and how they were getting there….A scowl started to slowly form on her muzzle, but before she could get a chance to really think much more about the map, she felt the water start to roll over the edge of her watering can. Jumping slightly, the canine turned off the water, dumped a bit from her can before carrying it towards one of the subterranean apartment’s closed doors, a bright white glow escaping from under the door. The scowl that had appeared over her face immediately melted away into a warm, genuine smile as she pulled the door open. “Hello my babies…” She giggled to herself, stepping into the blinding light before closing the door behind herself, inhaling the warm air and heated light that filled the room. “Hope you’re all thirsty…”

“Hello? Yes, this is her place of business…uh huh…I’m sorry sir, but she isn’t in yet…would you like to leave a message for her? No? Well then…I’ll be sure to give her your number…right…okay…have a nice day sir…” A tan furred dhole sighed as she ended her call, currently seated at the front desk of the security firm. She slowly pushed back in her seat, wiggling the pen between her fingers as she just…sat there. “Where is everybody….” She muttered to herself.

“They late again?” The dhole turned slightly, seeing the EMPLOYEES ONLY door open up, a cocky looking brown dhole strolling out with a paw full of cherry tomatoes. She had changed into her typical outfit, black work pants, a tight black shirt with SECURITY printed across the chest and back, her equipment belt wrapped around her waist.

“Not late…” The tan dhole sighed as she looked to the clock, her outfit perfectly matching the other dhole’s. “But…they are usually here by now…”

“Sounds late to me…” The brown dhole muttered, popping tomato in her mouth before leaning against the desk. “Remind me to move up the deadline for reporting in…” She chuckled, getting an eye roll from her fellow canine. “What was that call about?”

“Eh…stupid…telemarketer stuff…’Hello, I am calling to on behalf of…’ uhhhhh…” The canine trailed off, struggling to remember the name before shrugging. “Some…robotic company, looking to get some investments…’Is Miss Gypsy Howl there?’ I’m sorry sir, but she’s not in yet. Would you like to leave a message for her? ‘No thank you, I would like to speak with her personally. Could you please have her call me at…’ The dhole rolled her eyes, motioning to a small number scribbled on her notepad. “Yes sir, I’ll be sure to give her your number…Bleh…” She sighed, shaking her head as she looked to the larger dhole. “Sounds like a total scam…Remind me again why it is I’m the one who’s in charge of taking your calls?”

“Because you’re the Alpha.” Gypsy chuckled, picking up the phone number before eyeing it silently.

“Alpha is usually the one in charge…not second in command.”

“Well we’re not the usual group.” Gypsy slid the number into her back pocket before winking to the dhole. “Besides…everyone calls me Boss…and it makes things easier when everyone checks in. Alpha reporting in, Beta reporting in, Charlie reporting in, Delta reporting in, Epsilon reporting in, Gamma reporting in….that goes waaaaaaay smoother.”

“Gamma is supposed to come after Beta….and Charlie isn’t a part of the Greek alphabet.”

“Don’t care!” The dhole cut her off before popping another tomato in her mouth. “My gang, my rules, my…order…A, B, C, D, E and….uh…G…is smoother than A, B, G, D, E…and whatever else we’d have to use as the last letter…”

“Zeta would be the next letter.”

“Huh…I guess that would work for Zoey….”

“I could probably go for upsilon or psi.”

“Could…but I like the order we got, so we’re doing things my way.”

“Whatever boss…” The dhole at the desk groaned loudly in annoyance, pushing her seat back while staring up at the ceiling. “Sooooo…no scheduled jobs fooooor….” She sat up, eyeing the calendar before grimacing. “About a week…”

“Yup…I hate it when the schools have their little breaks….” Gypsy muttered, popping her last tomato in her mouth before huffing. “Which is why I’m gonna go out and see about finding us some chumps who need protection…”

“Please tell me it’s not gonna be another scum bag job…” The secretary dhole groaned eyeing her boss. “I hate those jobs…”

“No promises…” Gypsy sighed as she rolled her eyes. “Everyone hates those jobs…hopefully we won’t get any….but desperate times call for desperate measures…”

“There’s desperate, and then there’s idiotic…” The dhole at the desk frowned as she crossed her arms. “There’s gotta be some jobs that’ll hire us on for a more permanent basis.”

“Probably…course they’d probably only hire one or two of us, not all seven of us. And I don’t know about you, Yahzee, but I prefer keeping the pack together…” Gypsy sighed as she plopped into one of the chairs. “What’s the time?”

“They got…twenty minutes.”

“I can see Cocoa and Zoey cutting it close, but where the heck is everyone else?” The dhole sighed, patting her pockets slightly.

“Getting coffee?” Yahzee muttered, leaning against the desk a bit while she noted her boss’ unamused look. “Oooooor…maybe donuts? Or fruit smoothies?”

“If it’s the last one I may let them off…” Gypsy chuckled, pulling out her phone and eyeing it silently, before looking up slightly as the door opened.

“Hey boss.” A new dhole came walking in, nodding to Gypsy before approaching the front desk. “Sup Yahz?”

“Nothing much….” She gave a slight shrug, setting a small sign in sheet on the counter, the dhole nodding as she went to work filling it out.

“Seen anyone Stormy?” The head dhole asked while eyeing her phone.

“I’ve seen a whole lot of someones boss.” The new dhole chuckled, sliding the form back to Yahzee before looking over and noticing her leader’s unimpressed look. “Nah…I didn’t see the pups on my way over…why?”

“Eh…it’s nothing…” Gypsy muttered, looking back to her phone. “Time?”

“Thirteen minutes boss.” Yahzee muttered, the new dhole chuckling softly as she leaned against the desk and looked to the head dhole.

“We got a job or something? You seem on edge…”

“I’m going out.” Gypsy muttered as she slid her phone away. “Gonna see about getting us some jobs this week…” She pointed to the new canine. “And if you don’t watch that tone, I’m gonna find the scummiest job possible, and make sure you’re right there with me!” She growled, causing the dhole to jump and hold up her paws.

“Alright! Chill! I’m just playing is all!” She chuckled nervously, hoping for something to take the attention off herself, and luckily, that came in the form of two new canine who came bursting through the door.

“I WIN!” The younger dhole cheered as she rushed in, nearly tripping and falling over the front counter.

“Cheater!” A second dhole growled as she came in behind her, a few steps slower and slightly more out of breath than the first.

“You’re just a soooooore loooooser!” The younger dhole snickered, brushing herself off a bit before sticking her tongue out. “You’re slowing down with your old age!” She teased, getting a loud growl from the dhole that had chased her in.

“Say that again…and you’ll win the race to being dead first…”

“Enough!” The two jumped, seeing Gypsy sitting in one of the chairs. “No fighting…especially not in the front entrance.”

“B…boss?” They both stood up straight before saluting. “Right boss! Sorry boss!”

“April! Codename Delta! Reporting in!” The older of the pair spoke first.

“Zoey! Codename Epsilon! Also reporting in! Sir!” The younger canine spoke second, the head dhole nodding silently while Stormy and Yahzee gave off silent snickers and rolled their eyes.

“Alright cadets…” The pair looked over as Yahzee slapped the sign in sheet onto the desk. “Time to sign in…”

“You two seen the others?” Stormy asked, crossing her arms while the two younger females signed the form.

“No Beta.” April muttered softly before passing the form over to Zoey.

“We’re not on a job! Drop the military crap!” Stormy groaned, shaking her head slightly before looking to Gypsy. “Why did you ever come up with this?”

“Makes us feel official…besides, it’s useful!” Gypsy shrugged. “What if we ever get grabbed or held hostage? I ask you girls to check in, you give me your names, no one knows…but if you slip me the wrong codename, then we immediately know something’s wrong!”

“Excellent idea sir!” April smiled, nodding to the reclining dhole, Zoey doing the same moments later.

“Brown noser…” Stormy muttered, rolling her eyes while shaking her head slightly.

“We all have brown noses smartass.” Gypsy muttered, silencing the Beta hound while glancing to the clock. “Yahzee?”

“Three minutes boss.”

“Mmmmmmm…” Gypsy frowned, shifting slightly in her seat.

“Chill boss…they’ll be here…” Stormy muttered, noticing the leader’s discomfort.

“I half expect Cocoa to be late…but Cherokee’s always on time…”

“Maybe they’re waiting to be exactly on time?” Stormy snickered. “Maybe they’re standing right outside, waiting to come in at the very last second…”

“Cocoa doesn’t think that far ahead…” Gypsy muttered, pushing herself up out of her seat, slowly rotating her arms before looking to Yahzee. “Alright…I’m gonna head out…you got everything you need?”

The dhole at the desk gave a slight nod, pulling out a small notepad before flipping through it. “I’m in charge of working the front desk as per usual…send Zoey and Cocoa out to distribute flyers to hopefully get some attention…That leaves Cherokee April and Stormy without assignments….but I suppose you’ll be wanting them to speak to our prospective clients…or have them keep tabs on the pups.” Yahzee glanced up, getting a nod from the boss, Stormy meanwhile let out a groan of annoyance. “After work we head to the gym for our usual work out…but you won’t be joining us…and you’ll be out of the office all day…”

“Yup…” Gypsy gave another nod, glancing to the clock.

“Thirty seconds boss…” Yahzee muttered, earning a scowl from her boss.

“Right….well then…” She approached the door, starting to push it open. “Make sure you double the work out for those two slackers…”  Gypsy growled softly under her breath, pushing the door open just in time to feel something small and fluffy slam into her chest…followed immediately by something cold and sticky…

“Cocoa! I told you not to run!” A shorter dhole groaned as she came running up to the building immediately flinching when she noticed the canine sandwich standing at the front door. The four canines from inside poked their heads out as well, Stormy immediately bursting out into laughter.

Gypsy stood completely still, just…processing what had just happened for a few moments before looking down, her entire shirt, and quite a bit of her was covered in a violet colored mess…several Styrofoam cups were crushed up against her…others sat down on the sandy ground by her feet…and then there was the chocolate brown dhole that had ran into her…she was quite a bit shorter than the head dhole…about on par with the other dhole that had come late...Gypsy locked eyes with the dhole, noticing her nervous grin, a few drops of smoothie coating her face. “Heh…heh…h….hi boss....” She gulped nervously, trying to keep her cool despite the fierce glare she was receiving. “I…uh…Ch…Cherokee and I…picked up smoothies for everyone…”
Life in Zootopia: Gypsy
And still more character based things! This time, we focus on Gypsy Howl! Possibly the fiercest child of the Howl family. We follow her through her typical morning wake up...get up, talk with her one employee to assign duties for the day...have breakfast, shower, get dressed, tend to a few things around her house....then head up to her business and get to work.

Not too sure about the name of her business...buuuuuut...Sandstorm Security seemed...fitting for the setting...anyways, we also get a brief introduction of each of Gypsy's Employees

Yahzee: Codename Alpha, Gypsy's second in command, tends to man the front desk and is in charge of keeping the others in line if Gypsy is busy or unavailable. During jobs or assignments, Yahzee is often times located near points or mammals of interest, keeping close and making sure no one gets by without her knowing.

Stormy: Codename Beta, strongest member of the pack (after Gypsy) tends to be more sarcastic and laid back when it comes to the rules. She could likely beat Yahzee in a fight, but Gypsy prefers having brains as her second in command over brawn. Stormy is in charge of setting up work out regiments for the group. During security jobs, she often times works as a bouncer or patrols outside of the buildings they work in, keeping her eyes and ears wide open for any signs of trouble. She's supposedly from the same litter as Yahzee, but the two tend not to act like sisters so it's unclear if this is true. 

Cherokee: Codename Charlie, smaller than the average dhole, but just as strong and fierce as the others. Her smaller size helps her throw people off and surprise them, often times escorting larger mammals away during their security jobs. She tends to keep tabs on her fellow pack member Cocoa.

April: Codename Delta, not as strong as her superiors, but she's quick on her feet. She lives with her fellow pack mate and little sister Zoey, the two having been raised by strict parents leads to them being more formal and respectful towards Gypsy than most others. Her quick feet often times leads to her being a first responder when something requires the pack's attention, usually getting there before most others and working on fixing the problem.

Zoey: Codename Epsilon, weaker than her sister April, but slightly faster, she's quick on her feet and her mind moves just as fast, often processing situations to find the best possible course of action, though sometimes her quick thinking prevents her from really thinking the plans through. She often times teases or mocks her older sister on things, but the two are very similar and she knows not to push her sister too far. Much like April, if something happens while they're on a job she's usually one of the first to respond, rushing to the situation and quickly working to put an end to it.

Cocoa: Codename Gamma, the youngest and smallest member of Gypsy's group, Cocoa is by far the scrappiest member of the pack, always wanting to do something rough or dangerous to try and prove herself to Gypsy and the rest of the pack. Despite this, Gypsy often times assigns her and Zoey to easy jobs to keep them out of trouble, leading to her getting annoyed and upset. She highly respects her boss though, and while she may not agree with job decisions or orders, she'll follow them to the best of her abilities.
“Yeah, this place’s a total dump! But I hear they make some mean smoothies!” Ember laughed, smacking the bar counter while looking to the gold furred wolf sitting beside her.

After the whole…sucker punch incident…the kit fox had managed to convince the wolf to join her for a drink or two as a form of apology and an attempt at a better first impression. Kaci joined them, and Gypsy’s one girl Cocoa joined them as well…against her will of course, but Gypsy had ordered her to keep the two lynx out of trouble…so she just sat there holding them by the scruffs of their necks. By this point, Mysty had gotten over being angry, and was now preoccupying herself by playing on her cellphone, Skye however was still staring daggers at fox that had the nerve to punch Echo.

“Heh…well…I could certainly go for a cold drink right now…” Echo chuckled, silently tracing a finger along the bruise on his jaw. “Hopefully that’ll ease the pain…”

“Hey! I thought we were starting over here!” Ember huffed as she placed her elbows on the bar.

“Yeah, well…it’s kinda hard to forget getting socked in the face when I tried to shake your paw…” shrugged a bit before nodding. “But fine…I’ll just…act like I got punched by some other random person…or that I have a cavity coming in or something.”

“Much better!” Ember snickered softly, giving the wolf a quick thumb up. “You’re a pretty cool cop.”

“No he isn’t…” Mysty muttered while playing on her phone, earning an eye roll from her siblings.

Before Echo or anyone else could voice their opinions on the cat’s comment, a soft cough turned their attention to the bartender, a black furred coyote with a pair of piercing red eyes. “What can I get you girls? And…guy…” She placed a paw on the bar, eyeing everyone and waiting for someone to place an order. “Let’s make it snappy though…if you’re not gonna order something you’ll need to move…can’t have you hogging up the bar.”

“I’ll take a protein shake!” Ember smirked as she leaned forward. “Maybe…blend in some veggies, fruit…and some raw bugs if you got them.”

The two lynx sisters gagged slightly but the coyote nodded, pulling out a notepad and silently making a making a note in it while looking to the rest of the group. “Who’s next?”

“Can I get a hard iced tea?” Kaci asked, getting a nod from the bartender, quickly ducking under the bar before popping back up and sliding a bottle towards her.

“Next?” She pointed to the golden wolf with her pencil. “What about you bud?”

Echo blinked, looking around the bar before opening his mouth. “Uhhhhhh….do you…like…have a menu or anything?”

“Give him a grasshopper shake!” Ember smiled as she gave Echo a quick elbow in the side. “You like bugs don’t you?”

“Uhhhhh…yeah I guess I could go for that…” The gold wolf replied with a shrug, content with the fox’s suggestion.

“You want that spiked?” The coyote asked, raising an eyebrow as she wrote down the canine’s order.

“Uhhhhh…no…just the shake…” The wolf chuckled before nodding. “Please.”

“Suit yourself…” She rolled her eyes, muttering something about saving money that way before she turned to the two cats and the disinterested dhole. “What about you girls?” She silently eyed them, the green eyed lynx playing on her phone, the blue eyed lynx staring daggers at the fox, and the dhole…well…she just seemed to be staring off into space. “Uhhhhh….sooooo…judging by your silence…I take it none of you wants anything…?”

“You got fish shakes right?” The coyote glanced over to the kit fox as she spoke up and leaned against the counter.

“Yeah….we got a couple types of fish…why?”

“Got salmon?” Ember leaned up to whisper to the golden wolf. “They like salmon right?” Both canines gave her a nod and she smiled looking over to the lynx girls. “Alright! Well then, how about a couple a fishy smoothies for my two new fine feline friends? I want your best salmon! Or…whatever your best fish is…smoothie! Two of them!”

That seemed to get the feline’s attention, the two sisters exchanging looks before Skye scowled angrily. “If you think a fish smoothie is gonna make us forg-” She eeped softly as Mysty’s paw smacked over her mouth.

“We’ll happily take those fishy smoothies! Make sure you spike them though!”

The coyote gave the twins skeptical look before shrugging. “Whatever…it’s the bouncer’s job to card animals up front…so I guess you’re good…” She scribbled something more on her notepad before moving over to the last mammal of the group, pointing to the chocolate brown dhole that still held the lynx sisters. “What about you?” The dhole only scowled, staring forward silently while the coyote stood there, slowly waving a paw. “Helloooooooo?” She snapped her fingers a few times, the dhole continuing to stare forward with a disinterested look, completely lost in her own mind.

“COCOA!” Echo yelled, finally getting the chocolate brown dhole to jump, coming back to reality before looking over to the wolf.

“Wh…what? What happened? What’s wrong?” She cleared her throat, adjusting herself as the gold wolf pointed to the coyote bartender.

“You want something to drink miss?” The red eyed canine asked while holding up her notepad.

“Uhhhhhh…” The dhole silently scanned the bar’s selection before huffing, her ears lowering slightly as she let out a huff. “We’re not supposed to drink during jobs…”

“Then get something nonalcoholic.” Kaci smiled, leaning forward a bit before taking a drink from her bottle.

The dhole still seemed a little hesitant until Echo leaned forward. “Hey, you’re doing your job…you’re keeping those two out of trouble…” He motioned to Skye and Mysty who still hung from her paws. “I don’t think Gypsy would mind you getting a little drink while you do your job…and if she does, I’ll take the blame.”

The dhole bit her lip, considering the option a bit longer before nodding to the coyote. “Uhhhhh…do…you have like a strawberry lemonade? Or anything along those lines…?”

“Sure do.” The coyote smiled softly. “Lemonade’s fresh…well…you know, not fresh made here, but it’s still good. The strawberries are actually real fresh though, you get the juice, and I can crush a few up into your drink if you’d like.” She made a few motions with her pencil and pad while she spoke.

“I’ll take that…” The dhole smiled softly before trying to return to her angry look.

“Alright…so a protein shake full of bugs, fruit, and veggies…she’s already got her hard iced tea…a grasshopper shake…two spiked fishy smoothies…and one strawberry lemonade….that right?” She took a moment to eye the mammals at the bar before nodding. “Alright, I’ll get right on that. Name’s Eon by the way, just call me over if you guys need anything.” She smiled, turning and walking to the far side of the bar as she started gathering up all the ingredients she’d need for the various drinks.

“Any chance of you letting us down any time soon?” Mysty asked with a soft grumble as she lowered her phone and looked up to the dhole that held her and her sister. “Not that I don’t loooooove being held by my scruff…”

“Ask your brother…” Cocoa muttered softly while rolling her eyes. “I’m supposed to hold you both until he feels that you’ve calmed down enough.”

The pair glanced to their golden wolf brother, giving him the most adorable look they could both manage, but Echo simply frowned shaking his head. “You girls are still in time out…”

The two sisters let out a synchronized whine of disapproval, Mysty huffing as she looked to the wolf. “Skye’s the only one who’s still really mad!”

“Of course I’m still mad!” Skye huffed as she crossed her arms.

“See! She’s the only mad one, so why do I need to hang here?”

“Because I said so…” Echo frowned before looking to the blue eyed lynx. “Skye…let it go…” Echo sighed, shifting slightly in his bar seat while he rubbed his bruise. “I’m fine, nothing’s broken, I’m not bleeding profusely…it still hurts, but it’s gonna pass.” He motioned to the fox beside him. “Ember apologized…I accepted it…it’s over. That’s the end of it”

Skye grumbled, crossing her arms a bit and looking away while her sister rolled her eyes green eyes.

“Soooo….” The fox muttered to Echo before pointing to the pair of lynx. “You said they’re your sisters too?”

“Yup…” The golden wolf looked back to the small fox, immediately noticing that skeptical look and continuing. “Adopted siblings…same with Kaci and me.”

“Ohhhhhhh….okay, I gotcha…” The kit fox nodded silently before smiling. “Yeah…see, when I saw you and Kaci, I thought you guys were like…blood related…I mean, sure, she’s a short furred black wolf, and you’re a…uh…bigger, fluffier gold wolf…but you know, I thought that was just like, you two showing off different traits from your parents…” She shrugged a bit before smiling. “Soooooo…who adopted who? Like…were you guys adopted by the cats’ family? Or…what’s the story there?”

“Our parents adopted all of us.” Kaci leaned forward while smiling. “Ten kids…all predators…adopted by a family consisting of two prey parents and their two biological prey children…” She chuckled, shaking her head as she sipped from her bottle again. “Sounds like some kinda sitcom or TV show or something…”

“Whooooooa…and I thought my family was big…” Ember muttered before chuckling and looking around. “Soooo…there’s Kaci, my new best cop bud Echo, uhhhhh…” She looked to the lynx twins. “I…don’t believe I’ve really gotten either of your names.”

“I’m Mysty.” The green eyed lynx said before motioning to her sister. “And miss grumpy puss here is Skye.”

“Pleasure to meet you two!” The sandy kit fox smiled, giving the pair a thumb up that caused Mysty to chuckle and Skye to roll her eyes.

“Ignore her.” Mysty smiled as she pat her sister’s arm. “She’s just mad you punched her boooooyfriend…” She snickered before yelping as her sister tried swatting at her, the two flailing their paws at each other before getting pulled far enough away from each other by Cocoa.

“Hey I totally know the feeling…I mean, if some total stranger just sucker punched my bro in front of me I’d….well…I’d probably laugh…but then I’d totally want to beat the crap out of them too!” The fox chuckled and gave a slight shrug. “It’s a totally understandable feeling…” She cleared her throat before nodding. “So, Kaci, Echo, Skye and Mysty…that’s four siblings down. That just leaves…six other adopted kids, and two biological kids…and I’ll know everyone!”

“You’ve actually met five of us.” Echo chuckled, noticing the look of confusion pass over Ember’s face.

“Gypsy’s part of the family too…” Kaci cut in. “You know, the big boss dhole? The one calling all the shots, peeled Echo here off the floor, didn’t throw you out…ring any bells?”

Ember’s eyes bulged at that comment. “Wait…SHE’S your sister too?”

“Unfortunately…” Mysty muttered, getting a fierce look from her wolf brother. “What? It’s the truth!” Skye gave a slight nod.

“Agreed.” Kaci added on as well while the golden wolf stroked his eyes in annoyance.

“You know, you’d think you girls would at least consider the fact that Cocoa is literally standing right here.” He motioned to the chocolate brown dhole holding the two lynx sisters.

“It’s fine.” Cocoa muttered as she gave a slight shrug. “The boss already knows and expects this kinda stuff, she doesn’t care.”

Echo let out another soft groan, stroking his eyes a bit more, wanting to say something…something to convince his sisters that Gypsy wasn’t as awful as they made her out to be…but before he got the chance, their bartender returned with a platter full of drinks.

“Alright, hope everyone’s thirsty! First off, we gooooot…this…green bubbling monstrosity…” She muttered, placing the brownish green blended drink in front of Ember. “No one better try suing meif that thing kills you…” She said with a soft chuckle before looking back to the drinks. “Next we got a….strawberry lemonade.” She moved over, putting the drink in front of the dhole. “Two fishy smoothies…” She placed the smoothies down on either side of the lemonade. “And last, but not least, a grasshopper smoothie for the golden wolf.” She smiled putting the final drink down in front of Echo.

“Thanks miss.” He smiled, taking his drink and giving it a long sip. “Mmmmmmm…”

“That’s what I love to hear! People loving my work! It’s so satisfying.” The coyote chuckled, sliding the platter away before leaning over the bar, silently eyeing the wolf while grinning. “I love your contacts by the way.”

“Mmmmm?” The wolf blinked, lowering his drink. “What?”

“Your contacts.” The coyote smiled, motioning to her own bright red eyes. “Are they prescription? Or do you just wear them to look cool?” She smiled as she gave a quick shrug. “I got mine because I’m a tad nearsighted…but I got these specially designed so I could look cool…or y’know…cooler.” She smiled reaching into her pocket. “I also picked up some bright yellow ones…but I never thought about mixing the colors. You’re rocking that look bud.”

“Uhhhhh….thaaaaanks….?” Echo muttered softly before clearing his throat. “But…I’m not wearing any contacts….” He noticed the look of confusion from the coyote and gave a slight shrug. “This is just how my eyes are…I’ve got heterochromia.”

The coyote blinked again before gasping. “Are you serious? That’s so cool!” She laughed as she leaned forward, staring deeply into the wolf’s eyes for a few (slightly uncomfortable) moments, studying them before moving back. “I thought you were just being cool! Like…” She motioned to the two lynx who were trying to enjoy their drinks despite still hanging by their scruffs. “Those two cats, your one eye matches the one, the other matches the other. I thought you were doing like…some sorta statement type thing…but those are really just your natural eye colors?”

“Yup….” The wolf gave a slight shrug as he sipped his drink. “These are…as far as I know…the two eyes I was born with.”

“Lucky….” The coyote muttered before moving down the bar to tend to another customer.

“Heh…she was cute…” Ember smirked, elbowing the gold wolf’s side. “Think she likes you Officer?” She winked, earning an eye roll from the police dog and a soft growl from the blue eyed lynx.

“If anything, she likes my eyes.” Echo chuckled as he sipped at his shake before motioning to the small fox. “So…how’d you two meet?” He smiled, looking to Kaci and to Ember. “A scrappy little sand fox, and a…fairly calm quiet wolf…seems like an interesting friendship.”

“We met the day I moved to Sahara Square.” Kaci smiled, shrugging slightly. “I had just moved in and decided to go out and explore a bit, wandered around the district…think it was just after the sunset…then out of nowhere BOOM!” She tapped the back of her head and chuckled looking to the fox. “Something hard and thin nailed me in the back of the head…thought I got hit by a baseball bat or something…”

“It didn’t hit you that hard!” Ember huffed, grabbing and chugging her protein shake.

“Yeah, well it still hurt…” The Arabian wolf chuckled, shaking her head slightly. “Anyways, I got hit hard, went down hard…thought I was getting mugged…then this little runt here comes running up.” She smirked shoving the fox beside her slightly. “Now I thought she’d try to help me out…but nope, she was only interested in getting her Frisbee.”

“Hey! It’s not a Frisbee, it’s a certified, disc golf, flying disk!”

“Suppose that may explain why it’s so much heavier…” The wolf chuckled. “Anyways…she comes over, grabs her throwing disk, and basically planned to leave me there…but after some…choice words…”

“That’s one way to put it…” The fox rolled her eyes, smirking as she looked to the short furred wolf. “Pretty sure you were about ready to cry your eyes out…”

Kaci grumbled slightly, but decided to ignore that comment. “Anyways, I managed to convince her to help me up…she apologized…and offered to give me a free personal training session if know…didn’t call the ZPD to arrest her.” Kaci giggled softly, shrugging while the fox grumbled. “So….that’s about it. Ember gave me that free lesson, put me on a work out regiment, set me up with some weights and gave me some…simple self-defense lessons…it was pretty fun! So I quickly hired her as my personal trainer…”

“Yup…I’m whipping your little prissy princess sister into shape!” Ember smirked, slamming her empty drink down onto the bar before grinning as she wiped her mouth. “She’s still a wimp…but she’s getting better…she’s a little less wimpy….”

“You definitely look stronger Kaci.” Echo nodded, smiling softly. “It’s been a while, but I can definitely see it.”

“Thanks Echo…” Kaci smiled softly, nodding as she sat her empty bottle on the bar.

The group sat there a bit longer, enjoying their drinks, chatting a bit about themselves and what they did. The twins went first, after finally getting Echo to give Cocoa the go ahead to let them down so she could enjoy her lemonade.  The sisters went on and on about all the cool clubs and bars they tended to visit and all the fun things they did there together and with some of their other friends.

Kaci took the time to talk about a few stories and leads she had covered or was working on, noting a company in the rainforest district she was planning to visit and interview in the upcoming days.

Ember talked about herself, her work out regiment, her extreme love for ultimate frisbee and disk golf, and then proceeded to point out how her brother and her cousins were spread all over Zootopia, her one cousin lived in Tundra Town and owned her own coffee shop, her other cousin lived in the rainforest district as a tropical florist, their brother lived in savanna central as a handyman, two of her cousins ran a hotel in the cave district, and her brother…well…she wasn’t really sure what he was doing right now, supposedly he lived in Sahara Square like her, but he tended to hang around the oasis…doing what? She didn’t know and didn’t really care.

Echo noted that little to nothing had been going on around Outback Island, crime seemed to be down aside from the occasional fight or dispute that needed an officer’s presence. Other than that, things were relatively normal, aside from the fact that the force was a tad short on mammal power, with several of his fellow officers calling out sick, or taking personal days, leading to himself and his fellow officers working extra-long hours to pick up the slack.

Cocoa seemed hesitant to take part, but after enough pestering, and promise of refills from the fox at the bar, she decided to open up a bit as well. She talked about a few recent jobs she and the rest of the security dogs covered, talking about how she basically just did whatever Gypsy ordered her to…even if she didn’t agree with the job or hated some of the assignments they took or she was personally assigned…namely her current job of babysitting the lynx sisters, and the occasional job where they were hired to just hang around and look pretty for some scummy mammal…she still went along and did whatever she was told, her respect for Gypsy outweighing her own interests and desires…though she was hoping to hurry up and work her way up the ranks of her group, hating the fact that she was currently placed at the bottom of the pack’s pecking order.

When it was all said and done, everyone seemed to have calmed down, Skye was…still a tad mad at Ember for punching Echo, but at the same time, she no longer seemed like she’d try to claw the fox at a moment’s notice. Echo’s jaw was still a tad sore, but his cold drink had eased the pain, and he assured the kit fox that he didn’t hold any ill will towards her. Everyone seemed to have had enough for one night though, Kaci saying that she should probably get home, Ember however was predominantly nocturnal, so she’d likely spend the next couple hours awake, but without any friends or familiar faces around (aside from Gypsy, Cocoa, and the rest of the dhole guards, none of which would probably be able or really willing to spend time with her) she saw no reason to stick around the club. Echo seemed hesitant to go, feeling bad that he didn’t get to do any real clubbing with the lynx twins, but they both assured him they’d let it slide this night…of course he’d need to come out clubbing with them another night, something he begrudgingly agreed too. Cocoa escorted the group to the door, and while Gypsy didn’t meet them, Echo could certainly tell she had her eyes on them the entire way.

Once outside, Kaci and Ember said their goodbyes before walking off together, Skye, Mysty, and Echo wishing them a goodnight before the sisters went to work summoning a Zuber driver that’d be willing to give them a ride back to Outback Island.

“Soooooo…” Echo’s ears perked, looking down to Skye as they waited by the curb. “What’d you think…?”

“About what?” The wolf crossed his arms eeping as Mysty elbowed his leg.

“Don’t be smart Echo, you know what she means…” The two climbed his clothing before resting on his shoulders.

“Heh…well…let’s see…the bouncer refused to let me in…I lost track of you girls immediately…I got mocked drinking a soda instead of some form of alcohol…I got punched in the stomach….” He noticed both girls whirl, obviously not knowing about someone else punching the wolf, but he didn’t bother explaining it. “I bumped into a poor girl, probably could have gotten beaten up for that if it wasn’t Kaci…” He stroked his chin in thought. “Met up with you girls…met a…semi friendly face…who nearly knocked me out in the blink of an eye…then…we shared a couple drinks…” He tapped his chin a few times before nodding. “I think that’s everything that happened…” He could feel the two sisters adjust themselves, likely exchanging looks of concern. “So is that the average clubbing experience?” He asked with a soft chuckle.

“What? No!”

“Well…it kinda is…”

“No it’s not!” Skye hissed at her sister before patting Echo’s chest. “That…this…I dunno…it was just one…or…several bad experiences…it’s not always like this…really! It’ll be way better next time you come out with us!” She giggled a little nervously, hoping her brother hadn’t been put off of clubbing personally.

“Mmmmmhmmmm…” Echo muttered softly, the cats exchanging looks again before the wolf reached up and slowly stroked both their chins and cheeks. “Well…I’ll take your word for it…” He chuckled, lowering and crossing his arms before glancing to the pair.

“YAY!” Skye cheered, latching onto her brother’s head while he laughed softly.

“Easy there…I’ll take your word for it…but still, it’s gonna be a looooooong while before I come out again….” That earned him another loud whine of disapproval from the blue eyed lynx.

“You’re no fun…” Skye huffed, returning to her place on the wolf’s shoulder.

“Ouch Skye, I mean, I expect that from Mysty…but from you?” The wolf clutched his chest in mock pain before chuckling.

Skye seemed taken aback from that comment, but kept her mouth shut, her sister glancing to her before smirking. “Hey…I got it…you gotta come back out clubbing with us on our birthday…how’s that?”

“Once a year? Mmmmm…I…suppose I could work with that…” Echo smiled, seeing their Zuber driver approaching.

“Nuh uh, you’re coming out more than that…but you HAVE to come out on our birthdays…”

“I like that idea!” Skye smiled, the two shifting slightly on his shoulder as Echo opened the door and they both hopped in.

“Well…alright…I suppose that’s a reasonable birthday gift.” The wolf chuckled, climbing in after them both, the sisters giving the driver their address and relaxing in the backseat as they started the long ride home. “It’s gonna be a looooong day tomorrow…” Echo muttered to himself, sighing as he stroked the bags under his eyes before putting his arms down around the two kittens. "But...I guess it was worth it..." He smiled, closing his eyes as they rode along.
Life in Zootopia: Echo part 7
And so we wrap up Echo's fun filled night of partying! All sorts of fun and crazy things have happened...but it's time to head on home, Echo's got work in the morning...and he's gonna be awful tired and sore in the morning...probably more than usual, but hey, he lived! And he fulfilled his promise to his two kitty roommates...for the time being at least. Echo's story might slow down for a bit least until I get some more scenes or ideas for the canine copper to work through.
The Canyonlands, one of Zootopia’s many themed districts formed along the massive temperature barrier that separated Tundra Town and Sahara Square. The name definitely was definitely a fitting one, the entire district existing in deep cracks, crags, crevices, seemingly carved into the earthy stone of Zootopia over thousands of years….course, seeing as this was Zootopia, an absolute modern marvel of mammal engineering, it was possible that the district could have been created artificially. Regardless of how the district came to be, the mammals that called the place home didn’t seem to have many complaints, the canyons were certainly unique, hot sun…and even hotter air blown from the giant air conditioner dividing wall flooded the district, but down in the canyon things were slightly cooler. The stone tended to be cooler than the air, the shade provided by outcroppings and the high walls offered relief…if you liked a nice little balance of hot and cold, didn’t mind the fact that nearly every loud sound in the canyon would probably end up echoing through the entire district…and didn’t mind living in a deep crag in the earth, which in turn was likely an ancient dried up riverbed that could…hypothetically speaking…become one massive floodplain in a worst case scenario…then the Canyonlands might just be the perfect home for you!

Now the Canyonlands is by no means one of the largest district Zootopia, in fact, it might be one of the smallest districts in the entire city. Regardless of its size, the district was populated with many mammals’ homes and businesses, many of which were carved into the famous stone cold walls of the district. Those caves carved into the canyon walls often times tended to be even cooler than the rest of the Canyons…a strange sensation for being so close to a wall that literally blasted burning hot temperatures into the district all day every day. Despite being such a small district, the Canyonlands still has its own minor inner districts, one of note being a small stretch of canyons known as Coyote Canyon, a hot spot for mammals such as…well…the name pretty much speaks for itself. But just because a place is called Coyote Canyon, doesn’t mean that there’s only coyotes there. Bunny Burrows was home to more than just bunnies, the predominantly sheep filled Meadowlands district wasn’t limited to only sheep, there were exceptions everywhere.

One major exception that existed in Coyote Canyon though, wasn’t even a canine…that exception existing In the form of a large mountain lion, currently sleeping the day away on a large comfy couch in his apartment, the stone walls doing a good job echoing the sounds of his heavy snoring. Luckily, the walls were either thick enough to keep the sound down, or his neighbors simply weren’t around to suffer through the feline’s snoring. The cat continued to snooze the day away, no end seen in the near future…that is…until a light clicking sound came from the front door. The large cat snorted slightly in his sleep, his ears flicking from the sound of someone at his door…he shifted momentarily, sniffing the air before growling as he tried to stay asleep.

The sound at the door continued for a few moments longer, soft muttering heard at the other side of the door before finally the lock finally clicked and the cat heard the door swing open. The cat grumbled softly, snuggling into the warm cushions of his sofa as he heard some mammal shuffle into the apartment, plastic bags and their contents crumpling, squeaking, and clapping together as the front door closed and the mammal walked by.

The cat stayed silent, ignoring the sounds the intruder made, ignoring how close they had gotten to him, the sound of them putting things away in the kitchen…he just stayed there, doing his best to either fall back asleep…or pretend to continue sleeping. After a few moments though, a voice rang out from the kitchen. “I know you’re awake man.”

“No….no you don’t…” The cat grumbled while nuzzling the cushions.

“You’re talking to me.” The voice replied with a soft chuckle.

“I’m sleep talking…”

“Sleep talkers don’t have conversations.”

“I do…”

“Yeah whatever…oh, by the way, they were all out of your salmon bacon, so I got you some anchovy paste instead. That cool?”

“WHAT?!” The cat roared, immediately sitting up and turning his head towards the kitchen. “You piece of-” Before the cat could finish his statement, his eyes honed in on a small wrapped up plastic package, thin strips of pink meat inside with a picture of a smiling pink salmon printed across the plastic. The package currently in the paw of a dark brown furred canine, his fur dark enough to nearly appear black, with similar dark brown eyes, smirking as he slowly waved the treat.

“Gotcha bro…” He seemed to be a coyote…but he was slightly larger and fluffier than coyotes tended to be.

The cat groaned, immediately collapsing back onto the couch while the canine laughed. “You know better than to tease about my bacon…” The cat mumbled into the cushion.

“Hey, it got your attention didn’t it? And for your information, I wasn’t joking.” The canine continued putting away the groceries he had carried into the apartment, successfully putting them all away before pulling a pair of energy drinks out of the fridge. “The store was out….AND I nearly did have to get you something else…” The coyote walked over to the couch, raising an eyebrow at the cat that had claimed the entire piece of furniture for himself. “C’mon bro make some room.” He motioned with a can filled paw to the cat.


“The couch isn’t your bed man.”

“Yeah it is…”

“No, your bed is in the other room.”

“I’ll gladly give up my bed for this sofa….we can rent my room out to someone else…” the cat suggested, smirking slightly from his own idea.

“Not happening bro, now come on, it’s been a long day, I want some comfy couch time too.”

“Nope.” The cat muttered, stretching out more before cuddling into the cushions

“If you don’t move, I’m gonna sit on you.”

“Try it and I’ll claw you.” The cat growled, face buried in the cushions.

“Sitting down!” The canine called out, the cat turning slightly, but before he could react he felt the slightly smaller male plop down right on his back, earning a loud yelp from the feline.

“OW!” The cat groaned, feeling the canine slowly adjust himself on top of him. “Get….off!”

“Mmmmmm…” The canine stretched a little bit before reclining back against the cushions. “You’re right bro, this couch is super comfy…”

“HADE! Get off me!”

“You gonna make some room if I do?” The canine pulled the one can close, cracking it open before taking a long drawn out sip. “Or am I gonna stay here all day?”

“I’m serious!”

“Me too…” The canine sipped his drink again and smirked looking down to the cat. “Heads up bro….better choose quick…I hit up Bug-Burga before getting groceries…and I’m feeling a tad…gassy…if you catch my drift…”


“Hold that thought…I feel one coming on bro…” The dark red canine raised his leg slightly, letting out a grunt before yelping as the cat managed to push up and knock the canine off him. “Well that certainly got you up.” The canine chuckled, climbing up to his paws and ignoring the death stare the cat gave him, moving over and plopping onto a bit of room that the cat had unintentionally given up. “Lazy cat…”

“Dumb mutt…”

“Hey, I know I’m a cross, but that’s just uncalled for.” The canine pointed to the cougar, reaching down and grabbing the second can he had grabbed from the fridge before tossing it to the cat. “After all the junk I do for you.” The mountain lion rolled his eyes, popping the energy drink open while the canine held up his paw. “I let you move in with me, I try to hook you up with jobs, I get us groceries…” He pointed to the mountain lion. “They really were out of bacon at the shop, but me being the awesome bro I am, I went all the way to Tundra Town to get you some of the real good stuff. Freshly delivered and cut up this morning, all for you my man.”

“Oooooo…you went all the way to the other side of the wall…” The mountain lion rolled his eyes as he chugged his energy drink before burping. “Real impressive man.”

“Tell me about it!” The canine shivered slightly. “I mean, I thought this place got cold late at night…Tundra Town….yeeeesh…” He sipped his drink again before looking to the cougar. “You know, I think they actually have their own version of this place over there….but it’s all ice canyons instead of stone…I’d hate to live there…”

“Don’t be such a wimp dude…” The cougar rolled his eyes, lowering his drink while stretching out a bit, having his pain in the…well…back, in this case, roommate hop onto him and interrupt his much needed sleep had left him understandably sore.

“Hey, is that any way to thank me?”

“It works.”

“Well then, maybe you can be the one to go out shopping for groceries from now on.” The canine stretched a little bit himself, before leaning down to place his now empty can on the floor by his paws.

“Can’t.” The cat replied flatly, crumpling his now empty can before tossing it towards the kitchen.

“And why’s that?” The canine asked with a sideways glance to his roommate, hitting the remote and starting to flip through the channels while the large cat gave him a slight shrug.

“Busy…” He muttered as he placed his paws behind his head.

“Dooooooing….what exactly?” The coyote shifted slightly in his seat, continuing to flip through the channels.


“Right…” The canine, apparently named Hade, rolled his eyes, tapping away at the remote as he tried looking for something interesting to watch.

“What’s that tone for?” The cat asked, sitting up a bit and raising an eyebrow as the canine shrugged.

“Nothing man…” The canine mumbled, glancing to the cat before rolling his eyes. “Just…” He sighed shaking his head before offering him the remote. “I dunno…”

“Dunno what?” The cat pulled up a show centered around amazing failures and wipeouts before setting the remote down. “You’re being weird man.”

The canine stared at the television a bit before sighing as he stroked his face. “Look man…we’re bros…I’m cool with you hanging around and being buds…there’s no one else I’d rather have as my roommate.”

“I can think of one animal you’d probably prefer.” The cat smirked elbowing his friend only to pause as Hade looked to him with a growl. “Jeez, chill man I was just joking.” He muttered, holding up a paw while sliding away a bit.

“I am chill…” The coyote groaned shaking his head before putting his face into his paw. “Look…man…you can’t just hang around my place anymore…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” The cat raised an eyebrow.

“You know what it means…” The canine lowered his paw, inhaling deeply before sighing. “Look man…you HAVE to get a job.”

“This again?” The cat groaned, rolling his eyes before yelping as the dog punched his arm. “Ow! What the heck man?”

“I’m serious!” Hade growled. “You’ve bummed with me for way to long as it is. You need to get out of this apartment, get a job, make some money….” He frowned as the cat rolled his eyes. “Some real money, no scams, no cons, no…under the table jobs…”

“The heck’s this all coming from?” The mountain lion growled while looking away. “I make money…I do jobs…I just do them at night.”

“Doing ‘jobs’ with that bobcat doesn’t count…” The canine sighed, pushing up off the couch and grabbing their empty cans as he walked off into the kitchen. “If you don’t get a job…a LEGIT job…” The canine paused, looking back, biting his lip before finally speaking. “Then I’m kicking you out….”

That certainly got the cat’s attention, his jaw dropping and hanging open. “Y….you’re joking man.”

“Nope…” the canine’s voice came from inside the kitchen.

“H…Hade…c’mon man, it’s me, we’re bros, you can’t kick me out.” The cat chuckled nervously, hoping this was all some sort of joke.

“I can…” The canine sighed as he came back out and leaned against the doorframe of the kitchen. “And I will if I have too.”

The mountain lion stared in complete shock, slowly pushing up off the couch and approached the smaller canine. “Dude…you can’t! We’ve been pals since we were cubs! Or…kitten and pup….” He laughed nervously, the canine not seeming to waver so the cat frowned. “You can’t throw me out! Not after all we’ve been through, the good times, the bad times, all the jobs, all the…all the shit!” He growled as he poked the canine’s chest. “I was there for you when that little hussy broke your heart!” the big cat growled staring down the shorter canine, but he didn’t show any sign of backing down either.

“And I was there for YOU, when Ginger left….” The canine frowned, smacking the cat’s paw away from his chest, noticing the cat instantly recoil from the mere mention of that name, instinctively softening himself.  “Look…I don’t want to do it…but I can’t AFFORD to let you stay here anymore man…” Hade sighed, crossing his arms as he looked up to the cat. “The rent here isn’t exactly cheap. I’m struggling to make ends meet on my own as it is…buying groceries for my bum roommate, and paying the extra bills from you staying here…I’m in a real tough spot…so either you start splitting the rent…I kick you out…or we both go out on the street…” The canine pushed past the cat, heading to one of the closed doors before sighing. “You have a week man…get a job… help me start paying the bills…or I’m going to have to kick you out and find a new roommate…”

He tried to pull his door open but stopped as the cougar hurried over to him. “Hade…c’mon…Where am I gonna get a job on such short notice?”

The canine frowned, leaning his shoulder against the door to his room. “What happened to all those jobs listings I gave you?”

“Uhhhhhh….” The cougar silently ran his claw through the fur on his head. “I…uh…may or may not have thrown them out…or shred them…or…used them as placemats…or napkins…”

“Dude…” The canine groaned, facepawing as he let out a loud groan. “See, this is what I mean!” He lowered his paw and pointed to the cougar. “You don’t appreciate any of the shit I’ve done for you!”

“What? Of course I appreciate it!”

“Then you would’ve checked out those job listings I gave you!”

“I…wasn’t looking for a job…”

“You would have at least KEPT them.” The canine growled. “Look bro…I’m done…One week from today…the second I get home from work…either you pay me…or you pack your things and get out…” The canine pushed his door open, taking a deep breath before speaking again. “I’m sorry Fe…” He sighed, walking into the room before slamming the door shut behind him.

The cat stood there a few moments, completely stunned before groaning as he raised his paws up to his face. “Dammit…” He groaned, walking over to the couch before collapsing over it. “I’m screwed…” He muttered, reaching into his pocket and fishing out his phone. He had no idea where to start…no clue who would hire him…he was really regretting tossing out all those job offers his roommate had given him before. He silently scrolled through his phone, looking at his contacts, but paused as he felt his phone vibrate with a new message from…Hade…The cat sat up a bit, looking to the door the canine had disappeared behind before frowning. “Can’t even talk to me anymore man?” He called, not getting a response as he opened up the message and froze.

‘Felinus…She wouldn’t want you to be moping around my apartment all day…you know that…I let you stay because I wanted to help you pull yourself together after she left…but it’s gone on too long. Ginger WILL come back one day….and what would she think if she saw you like this? Jobless, homeless, bumming around my apartment all day, living off me and whatever I can scrounge together for you…She’d be disappointed…she’d be disgusted…and you’d NEVER get the chance to come clean with her…when she left, I made a promise to watch out for you….I’ve done all I can for you…now it’s your turn. Clean yourself up, get out there, get a job, get some money, be the type of cat she’ll be proud of when she comes back…A cat who can FINALLY mammal up and tell her how he’s felt about her since the day he met her …’

The cat stared silently at his phone for a few moments, shaking slightly before growling as he squeezed his phone in his paw. After a few moments longer he let out a loud roar of…he didn’t even know what emotion to call it…anger…sadness…disgust…self-loathing…maybe all those wrapped together into one with a few others tossed in for good measure…he didn’t know. After roaring the emotions out though, the cat took a few deep breaths before pushing himself off the couch before approaching another closed door…the one right beside Hade’s, his room…he shoved his way into the room before slamming the door shut behind him.
Life in Zootopia: Felinus
Aaaaaaaand...more Zootopia themed stories! :la: this time, featuring someone completely new! :noes: This story (if I ever choose to take it further) centers around a feline by the name of Felinus, a grumpy, lazy, occasional swindler Mountain Lion, who lives in Zootopia's Canyonlands district (Coyote Canyon to be specific) with his best friend, Hades the Coywolf. (Though people tend to call him Hade)

Hade's been letting Felinus live with him for quite some time now...but the coywolf feels that it's time for the cat to either start pulling his own weight around the apartment...or get out. 

Felinus feels that his best bud is being a little extreme...but he doesn't really have much say in the matter.


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Just posting a new journal to finally get rid of that old one...kinda funny having a journal that's nearly two years old...

So anyways, how's everyone doing? :3
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